WATCH: Border Patrol Taser Sets Car on Fire & Kills Man

The family of a man who burned alive when Border Patrol agents ignited his car with a Taser has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. Meanwhile, video of the shocking incident has emerged (watch it above).

Border Patrol agents pulled over Alex Martin, 25, in March 2012 in Pine Valley, California. After a short standoff, one of the officers fires a Taser into the car. The vehicle goes up in flames, with Martin still inside. Agents back away, and there’s no immediate attempt to extinguish the flames.

Alex Martin Taser, border patrol taser fire

Alex Martin (right) and his mother, Karen Martin. (Screengrab via NBC San Diego)

Martin’s family is filing a wrongful death suit against the federal government. Family members say he was lost and confused while driving home from Texas, which led to the standoff.

You can read the details of the case here: