CNN Claims ISIS Flag at London Pride; It’s a ‘Penis Flag’

CNN’s Lucy Pawle claimed to have seen an Islamic State flag at London’s Pride parade, but it was actually a mock ISIS flag made up of dildoes, butt plugs, and cock rings instead of Arabic. CNN reported the story as an “exclusive” and their faux pas was quickly shared on Reddit.

Some of the funniest comments by Redditors in the forum include:

CNN: “You research our stories, so we don’t have to.”

“I will wait to the end of the report to actually point out that it isn’t the Isis Flag…. most people will have turned off by then”

Weapons of ass destruction

We must deeply penetrate ISIS.

The flag story comes at a time of an equally bad mistake made by Walmart, who accidentally allowed an ISIS flag to be screen printed on one of their cakes at a bakery. You can read about that story here.