Jeb Bush Net Worth 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeb Bush for president


According to the NY Times as well as CNN, Jeb Bush’s net worth ranges from an estimated $19 – 22 million. He is currently one of the top 10 primary candidates in the 2016 presidential election. Read on for our 5 Fast Facts on Bush’s net worth.

1. His Net Worth Grew Exponentially When He Left Office As Governor Of Florida

When Jeb Bush was in office as the Governor of Florida, he had an estimated net worth of $1.3 million. Then, he and his wife Columba reported $28.5 million in adjusted gross income from 2007, which is the year he left office.

2. An Estimated $10 Million Comes From Speaking Engagements

Bush is often hired to perform speaking engagements and the NY Times reported that $10 million of his net worth was earned from these engagements.

3. He Contributes To Charity

Mr. and Mrs. Bush contribute greatly to charity. They reported $110,616 in donations on their 2013 return and, in a statement on his personal website, Bush said he had donated $739,000 to charity from 2007 to 2014.

4. Several Big Names Are Funding Bush’s Presidential Campaign

The Daily Beast reports that John Tyson, chairman of Tyson Foods, has donated $25,000 to Bush’s presidential campaign in addition to helping fund Hillary Clinton’s campaign as well. David Stevens, the CEO of Mortgage Bankers Association, has reportedly given Bush $1,000 towards his campaign. Other contributors include, but are not limited to, Richard Parsons the former head of Time Warner, Barclays Capital’s managing director Brett Tejpaul, and Robert Foresman.

5. His Wife Has Expensive Taste

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According to The Washington Post, in 1999, Columba Bush was detained and fined by customs for not declaring the correct amount of clothing and jewelry she had bought on a trip to Paris. She had spent $19,000 shopping on the trip. In addition, she took out a loan to buy $42,311.70 worth of jewelry later that year. At one particular jewelry store, she purchased items totaling $90,000 in less than six weeks.

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