WATCH: Baltimore Teen Charged With Attempted Murder in Brutal Cafeteria Assault

Warning: The video below contains graphic content

A student at Frederick Douglass High School in Baltimore, Maryland, has been charged with attempted murder after his brutal beatdown of a classmate in the school’s cafeteria was caught on video.

The 26-second cell phone video was posted to Facebook on Thursday (watch it above). The video shows the student throwing the other teen to the ground and then repeatedly punching him in the head. He then is seen kicking the teen in the face, before leaving him bleeding and convulsing on the ground.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the fight happened Wednesday at about noon. The victim remained hospitalized Thursday with serious injuries to his face, but is in stable condition, the newspaper reported.

The suspect in the assault has not been named. It is not yet know if he will be charged as an adult.