Ray Davis: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Ray Davis Dead


A community is in shock in Arkansas after a local football player was found dead in mysterious circumstances. Teenager Ray Davis was found dead in the town of Benton on September 1. Police continue to investigate with no suspects being sought in the case.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Davis Will Be Honored at His Team’s First Game of the Season on September 4

Ray Davis Facebook page


He will be honored by his classmates at the War Memorial Stadium when Davis’ teammates from Bryant High School take on the Benton Panthers, reports Fox 16. His death was announced to students on the morning of September 2. Counselors were brought into the school to help students deal with their grief.

2. As News of His Death Spread, the Hashtag ‘#DoItForRay’ Became a Twitter Trend

After his death, the hashtag “#DoItForRay” began to appear on Twitter as his friends and even people who never met him began to pay tribute. Many posted bible MEMEs and quotes. One message read “My heart goes out to my Bryant family as they mourn the loss of a classmate. Remember to hug your loved ones and #DoItForRay.”

3. Local Cops Are Calling It an ‘Active Death Investigation’

KTHV in Arkansas reports that Lt. Kevin Russell with the Benton police is calling Davis’ passing as an “active death investigation.”

4. Davis Was a Patriots & University of Alabama Fan

On his Facebook page, Davis notes that his favorite position is as a left offensive tackle. He’s a fan of the New England Patriots and the University of Alabama. Davis says on his page that fall is his “favorite time” because of “hunting, football” and it’s “nice and cold.” A month prior to that update, Davis wrote that he had just gotten a new shotgun.

5. 31 High School Football Players Died of Heat Stroke Between 1995 & 2009

According to Coach Safely, between 1995 and 2009, 31 high school football players died as a result of heat stroke complications. Nearly 65 percent of those players were overweight. The Korey Stringer Institute says that heat stroke is treatable 100 percent of the time as long as it’s identified early.

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