Democratic Debate Highlights: Clinton, Sanders, & O’Malley React to Paris Attacks

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The Democratic debate is focusing on terrorism and national security. (Getty)

Tonight’s Democratic debate shifted focus after the Paris attacks the day before, that left more than 100 people dead. The candidates will instead be discussing terrorism, what happened in Paris, and national security. The debate will address President Barack Obama’s statement hours before the attack that he thought ISIS wasn’t gaining strength, while the majority of Americans think the fight against ISIS is going badly.

This article will stay updated on what Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Martin O’Malley had to say about the attacks in Paris and what should be done next.

Here’s what you need to know.

Hillary Clinton Said She Has a Detailed Plan to End Terrorism

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Hillary Clinton had a lot to say about the Paris attacks during the debate. (Getty)

Hillary Clinton said her prayers were with France, but that was not enough.

“We need to have a resolve that will bring the world together, to root out the kind of radical jihadist ideology that motivates organizations like ISIS…” She added that this election is about choosing a Commander in Chief who has a strong, detailed plan to stop terrorism.

All of the other issues we want to deal with depend on us being secure and strong.”

Regarding the terrorism threat, Clinton said: “It cannot be contained, it must be defeated.” She added that if America summoned its leadership tools, diplomacy, development aid, and military strength, the country could bring people together across the world to address terrorism. But she emphasized, “This can’t be an American fight.” She said that America will support other countries in the fight, but it can’t be America’s fight.

Clinton added that the reason ISIS was underestimated at first was because an Iraqi army they helped set up was later decimated. She said that she thought extremists groups would fill the vacuum, but the United States didn’t have the bulk of the responsibility for what happened.

Later in the debate, Clinton added that she wanted to welcome refugees, but only with a stringent screening process.

Bernie Sanders Was Shocked and Disgusted By What Happened in Paris

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Bernie Sanders is a top contender for the Democratic nomination. (Getty)

Bernie Sanders started out by saying that he was shocked and disgusted by what happened in Paris yesterday. He opened the debate by making a promise:

Together leading the world, this country will rid our planet of this barbarous organization called ISIS.”

Sanders added that one of the greatest threats we face is climate change, which is directly related to the growth of terrorism. If we don’t get our act together, he said, we’ll see countries struggling over limited land and water, and we’ll see all kinds of international conflict. But he said that right now, our invasion in Iraq contributed to the current situation, which he called one of the worst foreign policy blunders ever.

The disastrous invasion of Iraq … has unraveled the region completely and led to the rise of al-Quaeda and to ISIS. Now in fact, what we have got to do… We need to lead an international coalition which …  includes the Muslim nations in that region who are going to have to fight and defend their way of life.”

Martin O’Malley Said This New Kind of Threat Requires a New Kind of Leadership

<> on November 14, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa.

Martin O’Malley prepares for the debate on November 14, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. (Getty)

Martin O’Malley started by saying his heart goes out to France and parents with family members there.

We must remember that this the new face of conflict and warfare … in the 21st century. And there is no nation on the planet better able to adapt to this change than our nation.

He added: “We must be able to work collaboratively with others, we must anticipate these threats before they happen. This is the new sort of threat that requires new thinking … and new leadership.”

O’Malley said that America is best when it stands up to evil in the world and that this is America’s fight, but it’s just not our fight alone. He added that we need to invest in better human intelligence in the future. He later said that when dealing with international conflict, we shouldn’t just consider getting rid of the primary leaders, but consider the second and third consequences that will follow.