• ‘ISIS Threat’ at Paris Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016 Keeps Venue Secret

    The details about this year's Victoria' Secret Fashion Show, which features their Angels dressed in lingerie, have yet to be released. Reports of terrorist threats against the events are rumored.

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  • Was Paris Attack Mastermind Salah Abdeslam Captured Alive? Yes.

    Salah Abdeslam, "the world's most wanted man," has reportedly been shot and captured in the Brussels, Belgium district of Molenbeek after his fingerprints were found at the scene of a separate police raid on Tuesday.

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    French police and terror suspects have exchanged heavy gunfire in the Paris suburb of Saint-Denis during an early morning police operation.

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    Police are searching for Salah Abdeslam, 26, who is one of the suspects in Friday's terror attacks in Paris.

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    Nick Alexander was the first British victim named from the Paris attacks. He was a merchandise manager working at the Eagles of Death Metal concert.

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  • Are Flights to Paris Canceled?

    Despite France closing its borders, flights are arriving and departing from Paris, but there may be delays. Learn how to check on your specific flight here.