Timothy Madden: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Less than a week after the devastating murder of a 7-year-old girl while she watched her brother play high school football in Kentucky, police have made an arrest. The Kentucky State Police have confirmed that 38-year-old Timothy Madden has been taken into custody in Scottsville and is accused of killing Gabriella Doolin. He’s facing charges of kidnapping, rape, sodomy, and murder.

You can watch video of him leaving the Allen County Detention center above. He tells the waiting reporters that he’s innocent.

Timothy Madden mugshot

Madden’s mugshot from the Barren County Detention Center.

Madden has since been moved to the Barren County Detention Center in Glasgow, Kentucky. He’s being held on a $1 million bond there.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. He Went to the High School Where Gabriella Doolin Was Found Dead

Timothy Madden Facebook page


Prior to his arrest, Madden deleted his Facebook page; you can view a cached version of it here. Of the information that can be taken from that page, Madden is clearly a fan of cars, country music, and is a member of a group called “Being a Redneck.”

He attended Scottsville High School, the location where Gabriella Doolin was killed. She disappeared during her brother’s Scottsville football game on November 14. Shortly afterwards, her body was found in a nearby ravine. She had been attending the game with her mother, Amy. In a jailhouse interview with WDRB, Madden said the allegations were “all bogus. I’m a very innocent man. They can ask anybody that knows me.” He alluded that his interview was due to “small town gossip.”

2. He Has 5 Kids

Timothy Madden's wife Jodi Facebook page

Madden pictured with his wife, Jodi. (Facebook)

WKRN reports that Madden went to high school with Doolin’s father, Brian. The station adds that Madden is the father of five children. The suspect works in construction, reports WBKO. He lists Charles Deweese Construction as his employer, though WBKO’s Jake Boswell reports that he hasn’t worked there since October 2014. He told WDRB that his son was playing in the football game that Doolin was there to watch when she was killed. He told the station that his children’s ages are spread across 20 years.

Timothy Madden Mugshot

(Allen County Detention Center)

The station adds that he lives along Mount Carmel Church Road, where police could be seen searching the night after Doolin was killed.

Jodi King Facebook page


Online records show that Madden lives along Mount Carmel Church Road with wife Jodi King Madden and their children. Of the five kids, only two are Jodi Madden’s. When her husband was arrested, she had the above MEME, created to preserve the memory of Gabriella Doolin, as her Facebook profile photo.

3. His Wife Has Suffered ‘3 Strokes Since August 21’ & Madden Had ‘Not Left Her Side Since’

Timothy Madden Wife Jodi


According to a Go Fund Me page for Jodi Madden, she suffers from “a rare form of Vasculitis called Takayasu’s Arteritis.” That page says that on August 21, she suffered the first of three strokes and had to be airlifted from Scottsville to Louisville, Kentucky. The page’s creator writes “Her husband Timmy has not left her side since the very first stroke on the 21st.” In the mean time, Jodi Madden’s parents were looking after the five children.

An update written on the page in September said that Jodi Madden had been moved to a hospital in Bowling Green, Kentucky, about 25 miles north of their home in Scottsville. The update say that she was undergoing “extensive” therapy that included speech and physical treatment. It reads “She is able to talk some, but at times she is confused. She can move her right fingers a little but still has no movement with her right leg.”

On April 30, she posted a photo of an ultrasound to her Facebook page, she said in the comments section that she was 25 weeks pregnant with a baby boy, adding “with my health issues it’s kinda scary.” There is no mention of her pregnancy on her Go Fund Me page. In his WDRB interview, Madden mentioned that one of his kids is close to 4 months old. He also said that his only criminal record were misdemeanors from “years ago” that included traffic offenses and bad checks.

4. Her Father Wrote About Madden on Facebook Saying ‘This Animal Should Not Be Walking & Breathing’

Amy Doolin Facebook page

Gabriella Doolin pictured with her mother, Amy. (Facebook)

Just prior to the announcement of Madden’s arrest, Brian Doolin wrote on his Facebook page:

Please justice, take over for my baby, I love her so much… This animal should not be walking and breathing… I love yalls babies too, I wish this evil could be taking off this planet.

I have made plenty of mistakes and sinned in my life, but NEVER have this kind of rage entered in to my heart…. I’ve tried to stay strong but my baby girl was always my weakness.

Gabriella Doolin Facebook tribute page

Gabriella Doolin. (Facebook)

During his WDRB interview, Madden said this daughter was a cheerleader with Doolin.

In tribute to her daughter, Gabriella’s mother, Amy said “Gabbi loved attention. She loved balloons. She loved parties. She represented everything that represented being happy. She would’ve been smiling that big beautiful smile because that was for her.”

Gabriella Doolin murder suspect

(Go Fund Me)

A Go Fund Me page for Gabriella Doolin has so far raised over $41,000 for her family. The arrest comes the day after little Gabriella Doolin’s funeral which took place in Scottsville on the night of November 19, reports WHAS.

5. Investigators Have Not Said Exactly How Doolin Was Killed

Her death was being investigated by the Kentucky State Police. It was two days after her death when investigators declared that Gabriella Doolin had been murdered. The exact cause of death has not been revealed. In their message announcing the arrest of Madden, the KSP wrote that he was arrested by the officers from the Bowling Green barracks.