WATCH: Awkward Introductions at GOP Debate

MANCHESTER, NH - FEBRUARY 06:  Audience members prepare for the start of the New Hampshire: The Republican Debate at St. Anselm College  February 6, 2016 in Manchester, Iowa. Sponsored by ABC News, the Independent Journal Review and Google, this is the final televised debate before voters go to the polls in the "First in the Nation" New Hampshire primary.  (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

The Republican Debate stage at St. Anselm College. (Getty)

With just three days until January 9’s New Hampshire primary, Saturday’s debate was already set up to be a tense affair. Whether it’s the Iowa machinations of Ted Cruz, the polarizing Donald Trump, and candidates like John Kasich and Chris Christie making their last stand in the Granite State, the stage was set for a number of potentially fraught confrontations.

Unfortunately, a mix-up during ABC News’s introduction of the candidates made things even less comfortable. Watch some of the highlights below:

Jeb Bush & Donald Trump

Jeb Bush and Donald Trump shared a tense moment:

Ben Carson

Ben Carson was not introduced as he prepared to step out:

ATTN founder Jarrett Moreno summed up the affair:

Carson later joked at his confusion at not being introduced second, as expected.

The Independent Journal Review later added a soundtrack to its Vine of the incident: