WATCH: Fight Between Dallas Politicians at Gospel Station

“Love thy neighbor” and “turn the other cheek” didn’t really stick when a fight broke out between two Dallas County Commissioner political candidates at a Gospel radio station, of all places. Police were called to the scene. The verbal throwdown was between John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway at KHVN, WFAA reported. According to WFAA, the video above has expletives and allegations about a third party cut out.

While they’re fighting, one woman can be heard saying:

What is wrong with y’all? … This is a Gospel radio station.”

According to WFAA, the fight started over personal issues between the two candidates. Price is a longtime Dallas County Commissioner and Caraway is a former Dallas City Council member. Caraway claimed the fight started after Price assaulted someone at the station, which wasn’t caught on video. However, Micah B. Phillips, who is also running for County Commissioner and was at the station for the interview, said the argument started when Price accused Caraway of lying, The Dallas Morning News reported. Then Caraway began yelling at Price about having a sexual relationship with his wife. Dallas Morning News reported that it’s unclear where that last allegation stems from. Caraway has been married twice, with the first marriage ending in 1994 and his current marriage being to former State Rep. Barbara Mallory.

Phillips stayed out of the fight, recording the whole thing and then sending video to at least one news station.

The candidates were at the station to talk about their campaigns and they started fighting during a commercial break.  Shortly before the fight broke out, Dwaine Caraway’s campaign posted this photo of everyone settling in calmly for their radio interview with KHVN.

Readers who saw the photo wrote remarks that quipped: “The calm before the storm.”

Marcus D. King, a local pastor and Lead Life Changer of Disciple Central, posted a response to the fight on his Facebook page, which included:

Yes I know about the altercation between John Wiley Price and Dwaine Caraway. No, I just don’t have much to say about it. I just don’t. Sorry this happened at our Gospel radio station. I preached about Paul and Barnabas falling out yesterday. Maybe I will donate a copy of that sermon to both campaigns.”