WATCH: Teen Girl Alex Drake Pepper-Sprayed at Trump Rally

Police in Janesville, Wisconsin, say 15-year-old girl was sexually assaulted at a Donald Trump rally in the town on the night of March 29. Footage from the incident, which occurred outside of a Holiday Inn express, also shows Alex Drake being pepper-sprayed after she confronted Trump boosters and threw a punch. She’s heard in the video accusing a man of touching her chest.

ABC News reports that police in the town are looking for two suspects in relation to the incident. Another woman, 19, from Madison, Wisconsin, also caught some pepper spray. An eyewitness, Michelle Velez, told the network that she saw Drake throw a punch before being pepper-sprayed.

The Janesville Police Department is seeking the public’s help in locating this man, who is wanted in relation to the incident:

Donald Trump Alex Drake Suspect

(Janesville Police Department)

The day before the pepper-spraying, a group of anti-Trump supporters were arrested at the Holiday Inn Express where the GOP frontrunner had been due to speak on the afternoon of March 29, reported the Janesville Gazette.

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Corey Lewandowski , right, with his wife, Alison Lewandowski, and their son. (Facebook)

This came on the same day that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was officially charged with assault in relation to an incident that occurred between him and reporter Michelle Fields in February.




Am not a huge Trump fan. But neither am I a fan of this media-driven circus being perpetuated to attack a candidate & candidate’s staff with unwarranted accusations, done in such a way that most non-objective people would assume immediate guilt. SHAME on you HEAVY! You’ve made yourself no better than FOX and CNN this time around! Police don’t “say” this or that happened, only a prosecutor does that ~ police “SUSPECT” things of happening; any officer who states a “fact” of a case based on one person’s say-so isn’t worthy of wearing a badge. You’re putting words in the mouths of police and then reporting it as fact. Or is it that you simply don’t edit your reporters’ content for objectivity? Farrell is from Ireland, where there is a pronounced tendency for many to make assumptions and inflammatory statements; he’s from a population that largely supported the proposed ban on Trump entering the UK. (there…see how easy it is to slant?)


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