Wisconsin Democratic Polls 2016: Sanders Takes Lead

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Bernie Sanders is seeing an uptick in the latest Wisconsin polls. (Getty)

Wisconsin is the next stop for the Democratic candidates in the nomination process. Bernie Sanders is coming off victories out west in Washington, Hawaii and Alaska.

Early polling numbers are looking more promising for Sanders than polls conducted last month. The latest poll conducted by Marquette shows Sanders with a 4 percentage point lead on Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin.

The Sanders campaign still faces an uphill battle to win the nomination. Even with Sanders recent victories, Clinton has a sizable advantage in the delegate race. There are 96 delegates at stake in the Wisconsin primary.

Here’s a look at the latest Wisconsin Democratic polls.

RealClear Politics Average

RealClear Politics keeps a running average of the Wisconsin polls. The average includes data from two polls. The Marquette poll conducted March 24-28 and the Emerson poll conducted March 20-22.

Bernie Sanders 47.5
Hillary Clinton 46.5


The Marquette poll was conducted March 24-28. It has a margin of error of 6.3 percentage points.

Bernie Sanders 49
Hillary Clinton 45


The Emerson poll was conducted March 20-22. It has a margin of error of 4.6 percentage points.

Hillary Clinton 50
Bernie Sanders 44




Is there president-like leadership and personality with Senator Bernie? Of course, his intolerable shouts at 74 with Utopian and Impractical Rhetoric to vibrate the inherent emotions of our promising youths engulfed with unrealistic and outdated theories has partly bedeviled the spontaneous spirit of the Democratic Party. It, however, makes no difference to Bernie for his unaffiliated position with the party. Not Principle nor Ideology, Power is the essence of his Dam-ague.


Whoa what have you been smokin? Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. The countries in the world with the highest societal health are all Democratic Socialist nations. They have more stable economies and Denmark was just named the most business friendly country. We’re tired of crony capitalism and having our system bought off, we need change now and can’t wait any longer. Obama promised change but only gave us about 10% change. Hillary will give us the same. With Bernie at least we have a real shot at shaking up the current system which doesn’t work for most people in this country.


I want some of what Syed is smoking cause it’s gotta be primo. I’m 60 Syed 6 figure income and a Sanders supporter. Like anonymous, I believe Obama was a huge disappointment. We the people, need our government back in our control NOW. I’ll vote for Trump before I’ll vote Hillary due to trust and honesty issues. The status quo has to go PERIOD, or my great great grandchildren wont be able to afford to eat.


I did not vote for President Obama, but I honestly think he meant well and could have done more if it wasn’t for the “SAY NO” congress. His hands were tied. I think that this election will be interesting and we need experience and leadership. We cannot handle another inexperience president. I don’t think Bernie is experience enough to handle foreign affairs. And if we have the same congress, YOU WON’T GET ANYTHING THAT HE IS PROMISING EITHER. He cannot do it by himself and Obama has learned that.


How is his vision unrealistic and outdated? Please, explain that. What he’s wanting is mostly the same thing as what many Scandinavian countries currently have.


Syed, you have been brainwashed. Bernie Sanders is enthusiastic and a visionary. I’m an old retired govt. teacher and his political revolution is the only chance we have to put the power of politics exactly where it belongs – the American voter. No other presidential candidate will move the country towards a positive, representational government in the near future. This is the chance for the Democratic Party to move way ahead of the Republican Party if the voters actually have a genuine say in who is on the ticket. The current power of both parties is so corrupt that they don’t want the big money out of politics. He is a true hero in my opinion and we need to move towards giving each person the same representation in our government or we will continue to lose more and eventually all say in our government. The American voter will either move the country towards positive change or eventual (maybe even quick) destruction. We are avalanching towards the destruction of our republic. These changes he’s calling for are within our power to make happen if we have enough courage and forsight to actually expect more from our public servants (like they’re supposed to be?!?). America will get the leader we deserve, because without overwhelming numbers for Bernie, the system will continue to feed and represent those in power and not the individual voter. Just look the percentage of “super delegates” there are deciding who actually gets on the ballot. How is this anything but a good ‘ole boy system? Go Bernie, go! For the sake of our future.


power of both parties is so corrupt that they don’t want the big money out of politics
Yes. You paraphrase what Trump has confessed.

This is the highest-priority unifying cause we must pursue – repair Constitutional representative government, by the people – not by the cronyist koch party for the koch party.
Once we have restored (and will maintain, defend) legitimate government, fixing the other symptomatic problems of illegitimate government will be easier.

To other Sanders voters: prepare for “Plan B”.
1. The possibility is large that HRC will run against Trump. On Nov 8, be sure to vote for Lesser Evil (Brezhnev) to reduce Greater Evil (Stalin).
2. We can also assume that the U.S. Senate will revert to Democratic bare majority. The next SCOTUS justices must be nominated and confirmed by anyone but teathugs.

Nov 8 2016 is not the end. Continue to clean out the ‘Thirdway’ Democrats.


Weep my friend! Bernard has played too many dirty tricks and they will catch up with him soon……..


Bernie doesn’t work that way you are thinking of the Clinton’s


You speak with absolutely no basis. I have followed Bernie Sanders since his days as Mayor of Burlington. He has never wavered from his support for the little guy. While Trump cannot be bought, Sanders also cannot be bought. Difference is Sanders gives substance to his campaign.

Magnolia Far

I am sorry but your numbers are incorrect in the report given above!
RCP Average average give CLINTON = 47.5 46.5 and for Sanders
Marquette 3/24 – 3/28 405 LV 6.3 45 49 Sanders +4
Emerson 3/20 – 3/22 439 LV 4.6 50 44 Clinton +6


Yeah I’m a Sanders supporter but they are wrong. Maybe they were right when the article was written. Now Clinton is up +1 so they are pretty much a statistical tie right now in WI. Tie goes to the underdog IMO though. It’s more possible that they’d miss younger voters in their polling. Sanders’ sweeping victory last weekend will boost his chances in WI. I predict Sanders over Clinton in WI by about 10 points.

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