#ResistCapitalism: The Tweets You Need to Read

#ResistCapitalism, Resist Capitalism, Twitter capitalism

An anti-capitalist 2015 G7 protestor in Germany. (Getty)

#ResistCapitalism became the top Twitter trend on Saturday. Like a lot of political Twitter trends, opponents of the hashtag activists soon appeared on the tag to defend capitalism, and a heated debate ensued. We’ve compiled some of the most interesting back-and forth.

The Tweets

Several users questioned the logic of using several for-profit interfaces to protest capitalism:

This prompted responses from advocates:

The effects of capitalism on people of color was a hot debate topic, with both sides tweeting on their behalf:

Libertarian defense attorney and blogger Ken White, tweeting under his blog’s title Popehat, defended capitalism’s effect on the developing poor:

The state of anti-capitalist countries was discussed, with invitations to join them liberally issued by critics:

One user made use of stark contrasts brought on by the recent Presidential visit to Cuba:

Both sides brought out icons:

And both sides claimed made claims about body counts:

Some users questioned whether capitalism was the real enemy:

One user offered a novel solution: