Nancy French, David’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nancy French David French, David French wife, David French spouse

Nancy French is the husband of David French, possible Independent candidate for president. (Instagram).

Could David French be the only hope left for the #NeverTrump movement? Bill Kristol certainly thinks so, and he has suggested that the National Review writer will jump into the 2016 presidential race as an Independent. Kristol sent out the following tweet over the weekend, and Bloomberg Politics later confirmed he was speaking about David French:

If he does get into the race, you’ll be seeing a lot more of Nancy French, David’s wife, who has a fascinating career of her own. Here are five fast facts about her.

1. She Ghostwrites Books for Various Celebrities

Nancy French author, Nancy French books, Nancy French ghostwriter

Nancy French takes a photograph with the book For the Right Reasons. (Instagram).

Nancy French has made much of her living ghostwriting books for a variety of celebrities, including Bristol Palin, Sarah Palin, Shawn Johnson and Stacey Dash.

French has worked as a freelance writer for years, and when speaking of the experience of working with the Palins, French said she signed up to write the memoir of a “young Christian person,” according to Politico. It was only later that she discovered she would be working for the daughter of Sarah Palin, which came as a huge surpirse.

She stayed with the Palins for a full month, sitting on the couch and drinking coffee with Bristol as they discussed her life. French says this job of being a ghostwriter is “kind of like being a priest or bartender or a best friend.”

2. When Her Husband Was In Iraq, She Wasn’t Allowed to Use Facebook or E-Mail Men

Nancy French Iraq, David French Iraq, Nancy French talk to men

Nancy and David French have spoken about maintaining their relationship while David was in Iraq. (Instagram)

In Home and Away, a book written by David and Nancy French, the couple talks about their experience staying together while David was deployed in Iraq. They revealed that they set up rules for what Nancy was not allowed to do while David was gone.

These rules included the fact that Nancy was not allowed to drink, she could not use Facebook, and she could not “have phone conversations with men, or meaningful e-mail exchanges about politics or any other subject.” At one point, Nancy began an email exchange with a man to talk about faith, but David insisted she end the conversation.

3. She Has Written for National Review

Nancy French family, Nancy French daughter, Nancy French Naomi

Nancy French takes a selfie with her daughter Naomi. (Instagram).

Like her husband, Nancy French has also written for National Review, the popular conservative media outlet, although she has not published an article with them since 2014.

In one piece for National Review describing the widespread use of the word “spouse” over “husband” and “wife,” she touches upon her relationship with David and how the two of them got married.

She writes, “I remember when my . . . is it okay to say fiancé, or does the one “e” plunge us too deeply into the politics of gender and hate?  Anyway, a guy named David and I flew to Paris and married in the upstairs of a restaurant, buying flowers off the street for my bouquet. It was a romantic, crazy, rather spontaneous act with a man I barely knew….In fact, my mother — in a desperate moment of protest — forgot his name and called him “a rank stranger.”  In retrospect, I can see why they were so worried about me marrying someone I barely had dated.”

4. She Is Part of the #NeverTrump Movement

Nancy French 2016 election, Nancy french trump, Never French Never Trump

Nancy French poses in a photo for her Instagram page. (Instagram)

This may go without saying considering Nancy French’s husband is considering running against Donald Trump in the general election, but Nancy herself is a member of the #NeverTrump movement. That means that although she is a lifelong republican and a prominent conservative writer, she refuses to vote for Trump in the general election no matter what.

In fact, in one Instagram post, she put up an image with the quote, “Of two evils, choose neither,” captioning this with the words “#NeverTrump.” She and David stand in opposition to those in the conservative moment, such as Marco Rubio, who have thrown their support behind Trump as a better alternative to Hillary Clinton.

5. She Wrote a Book in Support of Mitt Romney

Nancy French adoption, Nancy French daughter, Nancy French Naomi

Nancy French and her adopted daughter Naomi. (Instagram).

Though she no doubt backs her husband in the 2016 election, it seems like Nancy French really thinks that Mitt Romney should be the one running a third party campaign. On her Twitter page, she recently retweeted a post from her husband about why Romney should launch an independent bid.

This isn’t the first time she has voiced her support for Romney, though. In fact, she wrote a whole book about it. In January 2012, she and her husband authored a short Kindle book called Why Evangelicals Should Support Mitt Romney (And Feel Good about It!). According to the Amazon page, it tackles the question of why an Evangelical Christian should support Romney in the 2012 election.

The page reads, “David and Nancy French tackle this very question with facts, anecdotes, theology, and a good dose of humor. They talk about Romney’s “Massachusetts moderate” label, his record on social issues, and–yes–his religion.”

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