READ: Brock Turner’s Mother Carleen’s Letter to the Judge

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Carleen turner, pictured in a Facebook photo, and Brock Turner’s mugshot.

A letter to the judge from Brock Turner‘s mother calls the convicted rapist the “most trustworthy and honest person I know.”

The emergence of Carleen Turner‘s glowing assessment of her “beautiful son,” a former Stanford swimmer, comes after his victim’s letter went viral, his father’s letter sparked outrage, and Brock’s own statement maintained the encounter was consensual.

His mother’s letter depicts Brock as a model student and citizen, and she laments the misfortune that has struck her son:

My first thought upon wakening every morning is “this isn’t real, this can’t be real. Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?”

She goes on to describe the devastating effect of this “awful, horrible, terrible, gut-wrenching, life-changing verdict” on her family:

My once vibrant and happy boy is distraught, deeply depressed, terribly wounded, and filled with despair. His smile is gone forever-that beautiful grin is no more. … We are devastated beyond belief. My beautiful, happy family will never know happiness again.

In her concluding plea for mercy, she says Brock isn’t tough enough to survive prison and would be a “target” for other inmates:

I beg of you, please don’t send him to jail/prison. Look at him. He won’t survive it. He will be damaged forever and I fear he would be a major target. Stanford boy, college kid, college athlete- all the publicity……..this would be a death sentence for him.

Below is Carleen’s full letter to Judge Aaron Persky, which was released today as part of a 470-page document dump. If you’re viewing on a mobile device, scroll past the PDF embed to read the text version.

Dear Honorable Judge Persky,

Thank-you for the opportunity to write a letter and introduce you to my son, Brock Turner-the REAL Brock Allen Turner. I am abundantly proud to call him my son; he is my heart, my soul, and brings me great joy. From the time he was a little boy, Brock has always been very easy-going, kind, considerate, and respectful. He is incredibly goal-oriented, hard-working, dedicated, studious, humble, and somewhat introverted. He quietly performs and achieves while shying away from any attention and recognition. He always had a smile on his face, a shy grin that was so endearing. I use past tense in referring to his smile because since the verdict, he has not smiled. The expression on his face is one of pure pain and anguish. It is heart-breaking.

I was lucky to be a stay-at-home mom after Brock was born so of our three kids, he is the one I spent the most time with throughout his life. Since his siblings were in college, he also had 3 years of high school being an only child. We sat down to dinner every night together and had great conversations about his future plans and aspirations. He had big dreams and goals and we knew he would achieve all of them because of his strict work ethic and drive.

He struggled with learning the alphabet and reading in his early days and he was sent to the reading tutor at our school. Some kids might be teased about this but his teacher told me he came back and told the class how great it was and how much fun he had; pretty soon the other kids were asking if they could go to the reading tutor. The teacher told me she had never had that happen before but Brock had a very clever way to turn seeing the tutor into a positive. He also set a goal for himself that he would not have to see the tutor by the end of the year and he met that goal. Even as a youngster, he was setting goals and achieving them. He participated in Cub Scouts during grade school with Dan as his Den leader. The scouts sell popcorn in the fall and after a couple of years, Brock decided he wanted to be the top seller for our region. Dan and I do not take order forms to work if our kids are selling a product-it’s on them to sell. Brock would go door to door to sell, he even got a 90-year old lady to buy some. She couldn’t eat popcorn but was impressed that Brock took the time to sit with her on her front porch and talk to her. That’s the kind of kid he was-very respectful and polite.

Our elementary school put on several programs over the years and the big one was the 6th grade musical. Brock’s class did Oliver and he was chosen to play Bill Sykes, the bad guy. His older brother Brent had played Bill Sykes 5 years before and I think that’s why the teacher cast Brock in the role. For Brent it was a bit of type-casting (he was a handful in elementary school), while Brock wouldn’t stop smiling. The teacher said he is supposed to be a mean guy and she could not get Brock to act mean. That’s just him-a nice guy.

Brock started swimming competitively at the age of 4 on our summer swim team. He has always looked up to his brother and since Brent was on the team, Brock wanted to join. The first time he raced the 25 yard backstroke he looked like he was drowning. His coach jumped in after him, fully clothed and walked beside him but did not touch him so he could finish the race. It wasn’t pretty but he did it! The 200 yard backstroke ended up being his first Olympic Trial cut at age 16 so he certainly came a long way in 12 years! From early on, he just loved swimming. He took to it naturally and throughout the years, every coach he has ever had has described him as “coachable” which is exactly what a coach wants. He took advice and direction and was always looking to improve. His work ethic at practice was unmatched and he inspired the other kids to try harder. It takes an incredible amount of dedication to swim at the level Brock was at and it always came from him. He put a lot of pressure on himself and had quite a nervous stomach. He vomited before many a race but he always seemed to swim better after throwing up. His coaches used to worry about this but it seemed to work for him.

Dan and I never pushed him, this was his love and passion. We supported him by driving him to those early morning practices, driving to after school practices, sitting on hard bleachers for 3 days in a row, many weekends a year; but he loved it so much is was worth it. Whenever I would drop him off at a meet, I would say “good luck and have FUN”. There were so many parents who pressured their kids but to us, this was Brock’s choice. Nothing brought me greater joy than watching him at a swim meet. It wasn’t necessarily the racing that I loved, I enjoyed seeing him hanging in the bleachers with his teammates, standing on the deck talking to his coach, I loved the warm ups, and yes-watching him race was great but it was the look on his face when he touched the wall that I enjoyed. He would set a goal for himself with every race and when he achieved it-that smile. He wasn’t a kid to pound the water, to shove a fist up in the air, to celebrate loudly-he never, ever did that. When he won a race, he always waited for every swimmer to finish and he would shake everyone’s hand. He was never arrogant, cocky, or boastful. Far from it-as a swimmer he was incredibly humble and gracious. At our state high school meet, they always had a local cable reporter interviewing the winners after each race and Brock was gracious but uncomfortable having to talk about himself. He would always try to say he was doing his best for the team. As we traveled to national meets, we would see the same faces from all over the country. Parents talk to each other and I was always so proud of Brock when a parent from another team would tell me how much their son liked swimming with Brock because he is so nice and down-to-earth. There is a lot of down time at a swim meet so the kids hang and get to know each other. Brock was respected by his competitors because of his humble nature.

A Brock moved to high school, the swimming hours increased. Every day he was awake at 4:00am for a 5am practice. He would come home cook his breakfast, head to school, and then back to practice for 2 hours after. He also had a very challenging academic schedule. Our school district is very academically-oriented and people more to Oakwood for the schools. Brook took Honors and AP courses and maintained straight-A’s. I asked him how he managed to the grades he did and his answer was he would be mad at himself if he got a B when he knew he was capable of an A. He was a good student and he was respectful of his teachers. Our high school is small so the kids generally know everyone. Brock made many sacrifices while in high school due to the demands of the swimming schedule; the only football games he attended were Homecoming and he never attended a basketball game. He missed out on many social activities as well. He did hang out with his swimmer friends on weekends but because of their early mornings, they were never out late.

He has a very kind and thoughtful side to him. He always went out of his way to do special things for his girlfriend. Asking a girl to the dances is a big deal around here. For Homecoming senior year, we had a new black lab puppy and [she] just loved the pup. Brock put a sign around Zeke’s neck with “Homecoming?” on it-that was how he asked her and [she] loved it. However, his ‘prom-posal’ was the talk of their class; Brock knew [she] had big expectations and he was having a tough time coming up with a good way to ask her. She invited him to a Dayton Dragons baseball game (the are a Cincinnati Reds farm team) and he called the Dragons to see if they would put “[Name] will you go to prom with me?” on the Jumbotron scoreboard. They did this and during the 3rd inning, [she] was asked to prom! Brock is also very understanding of his very sentimental and emotional mom. The day we moved him in at Stanford, we went out to dinner and when we dropped him at the dorm he hugged me fore a long time. As h walked to the door of the dorm, he turned around and gave a final wave. I was sobbing but he knew I needed that last wave. Leaving him that night was the absolute hardest thing I had ever done. We got to see him in one college swim meet at Texas A&M All the Stanford swim parents were at this particular meet and it was the first time we saw Brock since leaving him at school. He came up in the stands and hugged both Dan and I and he was the only freshman boy to do this. Some of the other parents commented how the wished their boys were that thoughtful. He knew that we needed to touch him-we really missed him. It was so hard having him so far from home. When he was home at Christmas, he broke down crying because he was so homesick.

Brock also has an incredibly kind heart toward the more disenfranchised members of our society. This comes form having an uncle who was severely mentally retarded, had cerebral palsy, and epilepsy. My kids were around my brother from the time they were babies and they all learned quickly how to play and interact with him. Scott did not speak other than to say “bye-bye”. He loved playing with blocks and puzzles so he was kind of like a big-sized toddler. Brock was especially taken with his uncle and spent a lot of time with him. My brother lived at home until his death at age 38. Brock was in the first grade when Scott died. My mom, sister, and I remember how Brock adjusted the quilt covering my brother because it had to be just right for Uncle Scotty. Brock had several classmates who had special needs and his teachers would always say how he was such a nice friend and went out of his way to include the kids. This continued on through high school when he participated with the Oakwood Adapted Athletics (Special Olympics) swim team. He served as an able-bodied partner with the Special Olympians. I will never forget the final meet during his senior year. One of the swimmers, a boy named Theodor, wanted a blue ribbon more than anything. Brock promised him that their relay would get a blue ribbon. Well, the first relay they swam they came in 2nd. This was the ONLY time in swimming that I ever saw Brock upset after a race. He did not want to let Theodor down. They had one more relay and Brock made sure they came in first so Theodor got his blue ribbon! I have always been so proud of Brock for participating with the Special Olympics team during high school. It is very near and dear to my heart and he did it because he genuinely cared for the kids.

There have been many references to Brock being from a wealthy, privileged background and he thinks he is entitled. Your honor, this could not be further from the truth. Dan and I are a working middle-class couple with Midwestern values. Trust me when I say that Silicon Valley, CA is vastly different from the south suburbs of Dayton, OH. We both grew up in Dayton and attended the local public college Wright State University and we lived at home with our parents. Dan is an electrical engineer and works as a civil servant for the Air Force. His dad grew up in an orphanage, found in World War II in the South Pacific, and then worked for NCR. His mom worked full-time for the Air Force back when mothers stayed at home. I am a registered nurse and spent the majority of my career in surgery at a Level 1 Trauma Center with a specialty in gynecology surgery. My dad, a retired school principal, grew up with his four siblings raise by a single mother who worked cleaning offices for NCR. My mom is also a nurse and still works in surgery at the age of 79. We do NOT come from money, rather the opposite. Brock’s brother Brent graduated in 2014 from The University of Cincinnati with a Biomedical engineering degree and he works for a company called Mammotome in Cincinnati. He currently has 30K in student loan debt. Our daughter Caroline graduated last summer from UC with a degree in Fine Arts. She currently has 60K in student loan debt. She is unemployed having quit her job at a coffee shop to stay with Brock after the verdict. Our kids have student load debt because while Dan and I both have decent jobs, we don’t make enough to afford to pay for college. Now, with of the debt we have accumulated form the trial and the 14 months leading up to it……..let’s just say our financial situation is precarious and unstable.

Our lives now exist in 2 phases-prior to the weekend of Jan. 17/18, 2015 and after that weekend. The weekend started out pretty exciting for Dan and I-we sold the home we raised the kids in after Brock graduated. We need to downsize not only the size of the house but our payment. Having Brock in school across the country meant added expenses so we needed some extra money. We moved into our new home on Jan. 17, 2015. Then we got that fateful call from Brock on Sunday the 18th and our world was been spinning apart ever since. This house now reminds me of the horror of that moment. I have not decorated the house nor have I hung anything on the walls. I am a mom who loves family pictures but I haven’t had the heart to put photos around of our family being happy. How can I? We will never be happy again. Those happy family times are gone forever, replaced by despair, fear, depression, anxiety, doubt, and dread. I don’t think I have been able to take a deep breath since this happened. My first thought upon wakening every morning is “this isn’t real, this can’t be real. Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?” I have cried every single day since Jan. 18. This is on my mind every moment. But in the months leading up to the trial, we had hope. Brock told us what happened and his accounting of the events of that night never changed from the first time he told us everything. He was a shy and awkward 19-year old, far away from home trying to fit in with the swimmers he idolized. He is the most trust-worthy and honest person I know. He was telling the truth. We knew once he had to opportunity to tell what happened this would all go away. We even had a college coach contact his Dayton Raiders coach inquiring about Brock’s status-this coach had recruited him before and still wanted Brock to come and swim for him. We felt that was a positive sign and Brock started swimming again. We had some hope.

Then that awful, horrible, terrible, gut-wrenching, life-changing verdict was read. I know what a broken heart feels like. It is a physical pain that starts just below the collar bone and extends to below the rib cage, it is a crushing and heavy ache that feels like I am being squeezed. This feeling has not left my body since the verdict. This verdict has destroyed us. Brock is a shattered and broken shell of the person he used to be. My once vibrant and happy boy is distraught, deeply depressed, terribly wounded, and filled with despair. His smile is gone forever-that beautiful grin is no more. When I look into his eyes I see fear and anguish. His voice is barely above a whisper and he keeps himself hunched over almost trying not to be noticed. He trembles uncontrollably. He is crushed that the jury ruled against him. He has lost so much weight because he barely eats anything. He is utterly terrified and traumatized by this. We are devastated beyond belief. My beautiful, happy family will never know happiness again. We all love Brock so much and to see him in this much pain and agony is indescribable. Dan and I start our day standing in our kitchen hugging and sobbing. I’ve known him for 31 years and the only time I saw him cry was when his father died from Alzheimer’s disease. Now my strong and handsome husband breaks down crying several times a day. He is hurting for his son. We all are-Brock has 3 grandparents still living and they are shattered by this. He has spent a great deal of time with them, in fact-he spent a lot of the past year helping them. My dad had had major heart surgery, eye surgeries, and an ankle replacement so Brock has been a huge help to he and my mom. But they have lost their joy. This verdict has affected so many people here in Ohio who know and love Brock.

Your honor, I beg of you to show Brock mercy. He has never been in trouble, never even had a demerit in high school, he studied, swam, worked hard-he has lived and exemplary life. He will contribute to society in a positive way, it will just be a different path now. Please send him a message that his life still has meaning, that you believe in him. Please give him hope. His life is forever impacted and drastically altered by the ramifications of these guilty verdicts. Ohio is on of the strictest states with the sexual offender registry. Brock will have to register at the highest tier which means he is on the same level as a pedophile/child molester. There is no differentiation. The public records will reflect a Tier 3 so people will wrongly assume he is a child molester. I fear for his lifelong safety. So he, at the tender age of 20, now will have to register every 60 days for the rest of his life. He will live a lifetime of scrutiny, he lost 2 jobs just because he was accused of this, now he faces of lifetime of struggling for decent work. Can he be on a college campus. I don’t know. He WILL earn a college degree even if he had to do it 100% online. If he ever has children, he won’t be able to take them to a public park and push them on a swing, he won’t be able to volunteer at their school, he won’t be able to teach Sunday school, he won’t be able to be their Scout leader, he won’t be able to coach them, he won’t be able to chaperone a class field trip or help with a homeroom party……..this is his future life. I beg of you, please don’t send him to jail/prison. Look at him. He won’t survive it. He will be damaged forever and I fear he would be a major target. Stanford boy, college kid, college athlete- all the publicity……..this would be a death sentence for him. Having lost everything he has ever worked for his entire life and knowing the registry is a requirement for the rest of his life certainly is more than harsh. His dreams have been shattered by this. No NCAA Championships. No Stanford degree, No swimming in the Olympics (and I honestly know he would have made a future team), no medical school, no becoming an Orthopedic surgeon……..all gone.

Your honor, please be kind and merciful to my beautiful son. He is suffering and will continue to pay for this for his entire lifetime.


Carleen Turner


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For all the sympathizers of the mom, I strongly disagree with your sentiment. The mother shares responsibility for raising such a shitty son. It’s clear to see by her ongoing denial and lack of any acknowledgment of wrongdoing, that this little shit got away with everything growing up. She raised the monster, and she is fully culpable, and I think it’s a pity the legal system doesn’t. Privileged little mf-er is STILL getting special treatment, and will probably continue to get it.

Soccer Dad

Carleen Turner,
Your son committed rape. His life in prison would not be anything compared to what he put that girl through. I would bet that, before your son committed a rape, if anybody has asked you what should happen to rapists, you probably would have said that they should go to prison. Well, now you have met a rapist and he needs to go to prison.
Your sweet, sensitive son has a dark side that likes to defile and degrade helpless and unconscious women.


It was not lost on me that the mother went on and on abkut how goal oriented her rapist son was. He aggressively tried kissing all those other girls at the party, before taking the victim behind a dumpster. He met his goal thru digital rape and who knows what else.


Did anyone else pick up on the disconnect between the clever boy who could put a positive spin on anything and the fact she believed his story completely?

Barrie Lewis

He’s not a little boy anymore! He’s grown and he made a evil choice. Your letter should be to beg for forgiveness from his victim. I would probably be freaking out too if it were my son, but it’s out of your hands now. You probably did the best job you could (not judging), but he is who he is. You think his life will never be the same….well, neither will hers…she’s the victim here. He is the product of your upbringing. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, but chose evil rather than good. Now he must pay. Your only job now is to pray and support him.


Obviously this whole family has no consideration for the victim. They are all delusional if they think what he did is acceptable. If he raped once he will do it again. Sexual deviants cannot be rehabilitated!! I really do not care if he was a good student, exceptional athlete or any of the niceties his mom & dad stated. He is a rapist & criminal & should be jailed for a long time. If he is a target in jail I hope he gets some of his own medicine . As a former rape victim at 14, no woman deserves to be raped no matter what the circumstances. It leaves scars that won’t heal for the rest of your life! I am 62 now & still have not healed. It is an action that has taken away the dignity of a woman & the emotional toll will not go away! That judge is just as guilty as Brock for excusing his behavior because it would affect his “swimming career.” That is over & done with as well should be. He knew the code of conduct & was gravey mistaken if he thought it would not be taken seriously. I commend the swimming association for their actions, That judge should be disbarred for not upholding the law & I would not serve as a juror in his cases either.

cadit quaestio

I thought I must have misread what you wrote…Are you advocating for an “eye for an eye”? Are you suggesting that Brock Turner’s medicine should be that he is raped in prison? If you can argue that (your words) “… no woman deserves to be raped no matter what the circumstances.”, yet you seem to be calling for the rape of Brock BECAUSE of the circumstances.

So, to restate your point, “…no woman deserves to be raped no matter what the circumstances.” but if a man were to rape a woman he should be raped because of the circumstances. So, you are saying rape is fine depending on the circumstance I dunno but I can’t get my head around your logic

Sheila Driscoll

Many of my SOB SIsters hear me speak of repetitive drivel ………. well, THIS is drivel.
First of all, there is nothing honorable about Pesky. Scrap that title.
I certainly hope mother of the year didn’t get any decibiti from sitting on those HARD benches…… such sacrifice, dedicaton, and support for her holy little swimmer.
I am also heartbroken that the hardest thing she ever had to do was to wave good bye to the little saint when she dropped him off at college. Maybe if she had endured a few hard knocks growing up, she would be able to accept life on life’s terms as an ADULT. She sounds like she’s been playing house with her Princess Fiona dress on……
As an RN in the trauma unit and specialzing in Gynecology, hoe did YOU treat victims of rape as they were brought to your unit. You make me ashamed to be listed on the State Education rosters asan RN on the same level.
Save your dailey tears for the victim and get some couples therapy for your narcissism. Neither one of you have a soul. You are sickening


Why does this mother think its okay that her son is a rapist? Her husband breaks down everyday? how does she think the victims family acts everyday? Did she raise him to think so little of women? It doesn’t matter if he was so far from home and trying to fit in, if she had raised him to know right from wrong no matter what anyone thinks this might not have happened…..just saying


This glorious piece could have been written of Ted Bundy: Charming; personable; a winning smile; a brilliant future ahead of him; goal oriented; straight-A student. Ted Bundy’s rapist career started with just a single rape. No torture; no murder. That would come later as he seemed to get away unpunished for years. He grew bolder as time went on and behaved as though he was somehow above the rules decent people live by. The main difference in these stories is that when Ted Bundy was finally caught and brought before a judge, he got the full punishment for his crime. His christian parents didn’t try to minimize their son’s behavior, though they were bowed low with grief. Ted Bundy himself made no excuses but pointed the public to a trend that started with, I suppose, “20 minutes of action” when he was in his youth. Ted Bundy was from the moment he was caught, called by his rightful title: “Rapist”. Not the “brilliant ex-lawyer”. I haven’t read one single headline yet that calls Brock Turner the rapist, an ex-swimmer. Rather in every case he is STILL referred to as the “ex-swimmer”, who [mumble] bythewayrapedawomanbehindadumpster. The judge looked at Bundy for a few moments, considered his stellar future, charm, and endearing smile and shook his head and said, “What a waste….”, not an insulting drivel of cooing over the criminal. This has to make some kind of base history in our court of law—-where a judge shows more sympathy for a convicted criminal than his ravaged victim. There are many criminals in this case. The first and foremost is Brock Turner, followed by his aiders-and-abetters: The judge, his parents, and anybody who holds him up while verbally debasing his suffering victim. There was a man—also a judge—-Pilot was his name, who also made a very bad decision by siding with the criminals when he made a judgment against an innocent Man. He thought by washing his hands in a bowl of water he could somehow be free of his ultimately self-condemning words that sealed the deal. But he couldn’t. That decision is forever printed in the books of Heaven where no man can erase or alter a dark and cowardly record. There it sits awaiting final retribution along with this case and all the twisted cases of history. And that’s the only thing that brings a ray of sanity to this whole dastardly case.


Consider that this is a mother who’s son is going away to prison. She dosent see a horrible rapist, she sees her child that has taken care of for his entire life. Of course this would be a natural reaction. He did one of the most horrible things you could do to another person but a mothers first instinct would be always protect her child right? All you people placing mean comments about your mom and also you people saying “what if her daughter was raped”. Ask yourself what if you woke up one day and you heard that your child was going away to prison for rape. Would you distance yourself right away and just go “well screw you i aint dealing with you anymore”? Probably not no.

Susan Shaddock

Jail, not prison. Three months. Spare me. If I woke up one day to find that my son had done such an awful thing, I certainly would not write a multi-page letter whining about how hard it is on HIM.

Kim Sisto Robinson

I understand she loves her son dearly & completely, but he is a rapist and a predator. Why doesn’t she admit this? I could respect her more. If she would have said, “My son made a HORRIBLE decision to rape this girl and he will pay the consequences for that.” I could have stood beside her, had a bit of empathy–but she did not. If this kid was so wonderful as she says, why did he commit this crime? And what about the victim? She didn’t mention the victim or her family once…. because she is STILL enabling her son. ( just as the father is.)


This has destroyed you?? Brock did it. He destroyed himself…you…..and the young women he did this to.

He destroyed her life! WHAT ABOUT HER? You sit there feeling sorry for your family and your son but you think nothing of the victim. That is the problem with you and your family.

Your son could rot in prison as far a I am concerned. If he died there that would be fine. He did it. He had it in him. Alcohol only brought out his inner desires and true self.
Your letter only supports the fact that you do not see anyone but your son being a victim.

Your son is and will forever be a criminal. A sex offender. Someone to keep away from. Someone who might re-offend.

The young women will forever be his victim. Brock (and now both you and your husband) have re-victimized her through the trial and by your letters.

I hope she sues the hell out of Brock (and your family if possible) A civil court case would be appropriate. A judgement you cannot remove with bankruptcy or time.
Something that will hang over his head for life along with the the Sex offender registration.

Your son showed he does not respect women. He deserves every punishment he has received and so much more he has not received. The sentence was too light and you guys are appealing his conviction and sentence?. Screw you. Screw your son. You are only re-victimizing the young woman. I hope he gets some of his own in jail.

Father of a daughter.

Gringo Bush Pilot

The problem is his family has petitioned the court to allow him to serve out his probation in Ohio. He wants out of California ASAP.
Once in Ohio, he’ll be among family and friends, and the distance and time, people will forgive and forget. In Ohio, he’ll polish the story that those drunken west coast Californians (Easterners see California as a hot bed of liberalism) led him astray.

His father and family will say “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” and say the girl was leading poor little Brock on.
In five years, Brock will be wearing a suit and tie – flaunting his superiority.

So much for justice …


Those of us here in the Turner’s neighborhood don’t want them or their RAPIST son here, either. We won’t forgive or forget.


“Why him? Why HIM? WHY? WHY?”

Um…maybe because he raped an unconcious woman behind a dumpster?!

This is so disgusting. I do feel bad for the mother being in this position (can’t be easy knowing someone you love did something so awful) but to not even acknowledge the victim that your son sexually assaulted just proves exactly what kind of upbringing this guy has.

Manfred Coates

It seems the entire Turner family has the choice of donating their organs to charity and finding the final way out or leaving the country to a place where there is no internet.

Manfred Coates

This appears to be a joke on the entire civilized world. Here in Europe people are shocked with the crime as well as the attitudes of the parents and family members and friends. It is just one more chip in the foundation of America. We ask us here is the US some kind of hoax to attract us like flies to honey. Here is a 20 year old man who decides to rape a incapacitated woman in a parking lot behind a trash dump. Is this the style in America? Is this the beautiful son his mother mentions? She should make the brave decision and have him castrated before he repeats his deed or sets others of his kind in the world. It is rather strange that when you sit in a restaurant in Paris or London and Brock Turner is the start of every conversation. The topic has jumped from the vulgar Trump to the depraved Brock Turner. America has done it again.




This is an open letter to rapists in response to Brock Turner’s measly 6 month jail sentence and his father’s pathetic excuse of a letter.

Dear Rapists:

Go rape yourselves.

Violently tear off your own clothes, punch yourselves until you bleed, stick foreign objects down your throat and up your ass.

Even better…get real drunk around a group of convicted rapists and let them rape you while unconscious just to wake up in pain and with any self worth you had fallen into pieces near where you lie.

Crazy, right? No way in the world you would do that to yourself, right? What in the world convinced you to think that it was okay to do those things to another human being?

A woman dressed “sexy” is not distributing open invitations for sex. She’s proud of the way she looks and more power to her for dressing in such a way. My light just turned green and you’re in my path crossing the street. Is that an open invitation for me to run you over?

A drunk woman’s slurred speech is not a mating call. She’s someone who unfortunately underestimated her alcohol tolerance and needs your help. Help her, not take advantage of her.

An unattended drink is not screaming for Rohypnol. It’s meant to be watched over and protected. She deserves to unwind at a bar with a drink without having to worry if she leaves it unintended to use the restroom that she’ll wake up in a strange place the following day. Respect her space and belongings, don’t violate her.

Six months for raping and destroying the life of another human being? Six months because a “prison sentence would have a severe impact on you”? What the hell!

Your victim mustered all the strength she had. All the courage to openly read her 12 pages of pain, despair, sadness, anger and resentment. A letter that I tried to read in full three times, but could not read it to the very end because of the anger brewing inside of me toward you. Her letter moved mountains, hearts, and the spirits of rape victims all over the world and at the end you still only get 6 months.

She had to go through all of this anguish or as your ridiculous father wrote, “20 minutes of action”, just because you weren’t man enough to get a hall pass for your dick. If only you asked politely and was ready for rejection (“NO” MEANS NO) at the same time none of this tragedy would have ever happened. Your victim would have never wished to “take off her body like a jacket and leave it at the hospital with everything else.” Now all she’s left with are the phantom pains of pine needles pricking her and the image of a Nikon focused on her battered body and sore violated vagina. You euthanized her vagina, it will no longer be the same… She’ll no longer be the same again…

I hope that you get to read this, Brock.

To all the rape victims around the world, I’m with you too.

Alexander Le
Concerned Human and Advocate for T.B.T.O. (The Better Treatment of Others)
#nomeansno #respecther #nomorerape


Dear mom: “…he lost 2 jobs just because he was accused of this…” Beyond accused, he has been convicted. You and dad and son need to do some serious work together.


He will be damaged forever?!?! And what does she think has happened to the woman he has raped? Her attitude is quite unbelievable in thinking she can (actually she did!!) sway a judges opinion by sharing her darling childs difficult life story with the judge. I cannot imagine how devastating it would be to find out my son was a rapist, but if found guilty I would certainly be reaching out to the victim with an apology because I would hope that would help her in some small way. Having been a victim myself I know that just knowing someone cares about what happens does make a difference…it doesn’t change the circumstance but just acknowledging someone elses pain is huge.
Granted a mother (and father) needs to support her child, but she will do it while he is in jail…and the reality is he probably will be raped several times while he is in jail so I understand her fear…it is real!! He will get a taste of his own medicine! He will need all the support his family can give him because when he gets out he will have respect from NO ONE!
He will pay for this crime for a lifetime…and deservedly so!! His parents are not helping his cause!!
That bein said, parents are responsible for their childrens behavior (and disciplining them to moral and ethical behavior) when they are children, however when kids turn 18 young adults have to take responsibility and the consequences of their behavior. It is not an excuse but it is a fact that the part of the brain that matures last in young men is reasoning…which happens around the age of 25. I can’t help wonder what the average age of a rapist is…on college campuses I am sure it it is under 25!! As a society we need to take a long hard look at how boys are being raised. The old saying “boys will be boys” needs to stop!! Rape is becoming an epidemic of serious proportion…one in four women are suxually asaulted in the US…that is disgusting!!

Dennis M. Di Carlo

The victim should be appealing the ridiculously light sentence he received from this judge who should be removed from the bench!
Is it any wonder true Democracy and Justice are nearly nothing more than illusions, in this the 21 century???


This woman disgusts me. Why him? Why your family? What about THE VICTIM???? I understand defending your disgusting son, but you and your husband need to wake up. Seriously. What if that was your daughter? Would you say sorry for you but I’m sure that guy was great! She has a family. Her life is ruined because of HIM. He deserves to be punished.

And the fact that he’s appealing…… Beyond ridiculous.

Rita Fuller

Why him, why him, why? Well, gee, I don’t know Mrs Turner, but just maybe it’s because HE WAS THE ONE WHO COMMITTED THE CRIME. Ya think????? His name wasn’t drawn out of a hat at random, you know. You need to understand that your little sonny boy is NOT the victim here. And that “kind,considerate, and respectful” people do not sexually assault others. If your family will never be happy again, then put the blame squarely where it belongs – on the shoulders of your son. Being clueless certainly appears to run in your family.


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