Dan & Carleen Turner, Brock’s Parents: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dan & Carleen Turner, Brock's Parents

Dan and Carleen Turner pictured in her Facebook profile photo.

Convicted rapist Brock Turner shouldn’t spend years in jail for “20 minutes of action,” his father argued to the court in a letter that sparked intense backlash. His mother also penned a plea for mercy and glowing assessment of her “beautiful son.” The 20-year-old former Stanford swimming star will serve about three months behind bars for sexually assaulting a blacked-out victim behind a dumpster.

Judge Aaron Persky, himself a former Stanford athlete, cited positive character references and lack of criminal record when sparing Turner what could have been 14 years of hard time.

Brock Turner’s letter to the judge has also been made public. In the letter, Turner defends his actions, blaming alcohol and claiming the victim consented. You can read the full statement here.

Leslie Rasmussen, a longtime family friend, has also come under fire for her letter in support of Brock Turner. Her band, Good English, has had several shows cancelled because of the outrage directed toward her.

Brock Turner and his two siblings were raised in Dayton, Ohio, by his father, Dan, a civilian Air Force employee, and his mother, Carleen, a registered surgery nurse.

Here’s what you need to know about his parents:

1. A Financial Support Page Was Set Up on Facebook to Help the Family Pay for the ‘Tragic Situation With Brock’

Brock Turner with his parents, sister and brother. (Facebook)

Brock Turner with his parents, sister and brother. (Facebook)

In May 2015, a friend of the Turner family set up a Facebook page designed to help raise money for the family to aid Brock’s criminal defense. The page was deleted, but you can see a screen shot of it below:



The fund the friend was soliciting donations for was set up by Dan Turner, according to the Dayton Daily News. The account is still open, the Wright-Patt Credit Union told the newspaper.

The page reads in part:

As a lifelong friend, mother and person who has watched this family grow, I am reaching out to you on behalf of Dan Turner and Carleen Bradfield Turner.

They are dealing with a monumental life-changing and tragic situation with Brock and their expenses continue to mount. As a mother and friend, I would do anything to help my child and save him.

I am asking that you donate what you can as every donation not only helps to ease the financial burden, but it is also a show of support, friendship and solidarity.

It continues after giving readers instructions on how to donate:

Most of us personally know Car, Dan and the kids. I know that while we are not experiencing what they are feeling, my heart and faith continue to want to help and be supportive. I am asking for your help with this.

We can’t ease their pain but I hope that we can help ease the financial burden that this situation has caused.

One friend of the family wrote under the post, “Yes thank you for doing this!!” It had 44 likes when it was deleted and showed a photo of Dan and Carleen together as well as a family photo. A meme featuring a person sitting on a bench and the words “I am strong but I am tired” was also featured.

Another family friend, Marco Saccaggi, told the Dayton Daily News he plans to donate to the help Turner, who he called “extremely respectful.”

“My wife remembered he was always the first one to say ‘seat belts’ in the car,” Saccaggi told the newspaper. “For us, it was really a shock. It is not the Brock we know.”

READ: Full Letter to the Judge by Dan Turner, Brock’s Father

Dan Turner, the father of convicted Stanford rapist Brock Turner, came under fire for a letter of support he wrote to the judge. Read the full statement here.

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READ: Brock Turner’s Mother Carleen’s Letter to the Judge

Carleen Turner, mother of Stanford rapist Brock Turner, wrote an appeal for mercy for her "beautiful son."

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2. Dan Turner Has Been Harshly Criticized for His Plea for Lenience, Citing the ’20 Minutes of Action’ Involved in the Attack

In a letter to the judge that he read aloud in court, Dan said his son was already paying “a steep price … for 20 minutes of action.” He went on:

He will never be his happy go lucky self with that easy going personality and welcoming smile. You can see this in his face, the way he walks, his weakened voice, his lack of appetite.

Dan joked that his son no longer had a hunger for steaks or snack foods and said that prison would not be an “appropriate punishment.”

He added that his son would be “totally committed to educating other college age students about the dangers of alcohol consumption and sexual promiscuity. By having people like Brock educate others on college campuses is how society can begin to break the cycle of binge drinking and its unfortunate results.”

Read the full letter here.

According to military documents, Dan Turner works as a civilian contractor for the Air Force, assisting with technology projects needed to help build weaponry.

A photo from Carleen’s now-deleted Facebook page from June 2015 shows Dan Turner with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham.

Brock Allen Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Brock Turner, a 20-year-old former Stanford swimmer, was sentenced to 6 months in jail for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman.

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3. Carleen Turner Was Active in Her Son’s Burgeoning Swimming Career & Was a Scout Leader

Brock Turner Mugshot

Brock Turner’s mugshot. (Santa Clara County)

On her LinkedIn page, Carleen Turner says she works as a surgery nurse at Dayton’s Children’s Hospital. She got her degree at Wright State University and previously worked at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. Until 2008, she was a girl scout leader.

Carleen also helped to organize events for Brock’s high school swim team.

The Spring 2007 issue of the Samaritan Health Foundation magazine features the Turner family as being active with the Good Samaritan hospital. Their activity is done in memory of Carleen’s brother, Scott Bradfield.

Leslie Rasmussen & Good English: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Leslie Rasmussen, rapist Brock Turner's childhood friend, has come under fire, along with her band, Good English, for a letter she wrote in support of him.

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4. Barry Bonds’ Lawyer, Nicknamed ‘the Last Hope,’ Will Represent Brock in His Appeal

Palo Alto Online reports that Turner is planning an appeal against his conviction and has enlisted Dennis Riordan, an appellate lawyer.

SF Gate reported in 2011 that Dennis Riordan represented Barry Bonds against perjury charges. The feature notes that Riordan “probes prosecutors’ cases for legal weaknesses — the evidence that violates hearsay rules or the latest court precedent, the proposed jury instructions that tilt the scales toward guilt — in hopes of getting charges narrowed or dismissed. While other lawyers question witnesses and argue to the jury, Riordan tees up the issues that often decide the outcome in higher courts.”

The New York Times referred to his nickname as “the last hope” while also calling him “one of California’s top appellate lawyers … known as a brilliant writer of motions, briefs and jury instructions.”

Judge Aaron Persky: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Judge Aaron Persky sentenced former Stanford swimmer Brock Turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an intoxicated woman.

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5. The Victim’s Impact Statement Has Increased the Calls for a Harsher Sentence

Prosecutors in the case had been asking for Brock to serve six years in prison for his crime. Judge Aaron Persky, a Stanford alum, said at sentencing, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I think he will not be a danger to others.” On June 7, Persky is facing an election, unopposed, in the Santa Clara county election. A petition has circulated calling for Persky to be recalled.

You can read the full victim’s impact statement here. “You took away my worth, my privacy, my energy, my time, my intimacy, my confidence, my own voice, until today. The damage is done, no one can undo it,” the victim read aloud in court. “And now we both have a choice. We can let this destroy us, I can remain angry and hurt and you can be in denial, or we can face it head on, I accept the pain, you accept the punishment, and we move on.”

READ: Brock Turner Rape Victim’s Full Impact Statement

Read the devastating impact statement written by the woman who was raped by Stanford swimmer Brock Turner.

Click here to read more

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    • According to the libtard laws of California, it was not rape and turner was never convicted of rape. You’re having a bad night. Just leave and stop embarrassing yourself.

        • I didn’t write those laws. The Democrats and radical perverted libtards that you voted for did. Libtards gonna be hate. I love how you people make a mess and then blame everyone else and then everyone sees what you really did. Get ready to lose some elections. Haters gonna hate! All you idiots are of the same caliber and on the same level as the Orlando shooter. You’re just a terrorist to Law and Justice and to the freedom and love of the American constitutional way, and this time it backfired on all you you stooges.

          • Mr. Hubbard: You seem to know any awful lot about people that you should not. I’m looking for a “few good men” providing you prove you are in fact a man … and heterosexual cuz people like me give me the creeps. I love the knack you have of calling anyone with a different opinion a “hater”….. it sure saves you the nasty nuisance of needing a reasonable comeback

        • Federal law and the majority of state law claim Brock Allen Turner is a RAPIST. I’ll stand by that definition.

          • Man, he really likes to make up words doesn’t he? What the hell is a libtard? He’s also probably a Taylor swift fan, writing his wacko posts while listening to her sing “haters gonna hate”.

  1. This felon’s parents and friends should experience being raped and see how long the effects last – a lifetime. I hope Brocks life is ruined by being a sex offender. His victim’s life is ruined. I cannot understand how any leniency should be given this beast.

    • His appeal will overturned the conviction and he will end up suing the cops the city and Stanford University -and possibly some media outlets. The criminal and civil litigation has yet to begin on this whole deal.

      • Perhaps you haven’t noticed but Brock Turner has been found GUILTY of 3 felonies [all of which require sex registry]. Your “anonymous” moniker is not fooling anyone because your grammar is giving you away. The only funds they will get is what you are likely to send them.

    • Hey, its not the parents fault they don’t know about being raped for 20 minutes at a time first hand!!! An eye for a fcking eye!!! Give them a fcking 20 minute raping!!!

  2. Here is Brock turners parents address. Mother said they down sized and this house is bigger. 1232 Ravelle court, Bellbrook , Ohio. There were protesters out there today.

  3. Here is Brock Turners parents address. They said they downsized and this is beautiful home. Address is 1232 Ravelle Court Bellbrook Ohio. There were protestors there today.

    • What you were doing is highly illegal. Your Internet should be traced and your VPN decoded and your door kicked in at three in the morning by the FBI for felony threatening and intimidation, felony disturbing the peace, unlawful use of a person’s address to incite a riot, aiding and abetting and promoting an illegal disturbance, threatening the peace and the safety of a neighborhood, and threatening the piece safety and physical well-being of a family. Hey I’m a prosecutor if we can’t get Brock we can sure get you. That’s our business that’s how we make money we put people in jail, sometimes the innocent. After all we’re government workers.

      • Michael432: None of what you accuse Jean of exists. She merely posted an address which is in the public forum, stated the house was bigger/beautiful and that protesters had gathered there today. You’re not a prosecutor if you think any of that is illegal — just another monkey’s uncle.

        • I kind of agree with that prosecutor above telling you that the it is illegal to publish an address for harassment of the residents. Misuse of public info for harassment is a felony in Ohio. The rest of those statutes listed are legitimate.

          • Nowhere did the poster suggest, reccommend or incite harassment. Michael can list off crimes until the cows come home yet it still doesn’t make the poster guilty of any of them.

            • Did you know that one of your red necks was outside his parents home protesting with an assault weapon and some handguns? What’s wrong with you people? Armed with an assault weapon and protesting with support during the Orlando crises?

              • Kirt: It may come as a shock to you but not everyone who detests the Brock Turner’s of this world condones gun violence. Few people are more anti-gun than me. I hate your 2nd amendment and enjoy my Canadian laws re: gun control. So …… watch your generalizations, bub! It is your neighbors causing the grief, not me! Use some common sense and scrounge up some patriotism and let Turner get his just desserts and help some REAL victims in your country.

                • Yes. I agree with you but all you rabble rousers have bitched so much that some guy on your side of infidel media maniacs was carrying an assault rifle and two pistoles outside his him which falls under the felony offense-threatening and intimidation with a firearm-and the charge would stick like super glue in a criminal court. We just had Orlando, we don’t need you Nancy Boys with guns threatening a family, putting neighbors at risk, and bothering police. We don’t want your weapons of terror and mass destruction in our suburbs. Your uneducated methods have to stop before you and your ilk end up doing more time than the sexual assualter Turner.
                  I don’t believe you could even apply to Stanford, let all alone be accepted.

                  • I don’t know who you’re agreeing with or who you’re bawling out but I will tell you that if anyone actually showed up at the Turner home and threatened them with weapons of any kind, I would hope they would face your criminal justice system and have it work for the crown in a way the Brock Turner case did not!

                • We had Orlando because we did not deport the shooter and his family. Liberal radical left wing policies pander to radical Islamism and also to the homosexuals. Now their Islamic friends turned on against the gays who are both supported by left-wing wackos! Basically the gays were sold out by their own let-wing wacko politicians. Wake up gays and women. Libtard politicians want more of these 3rd world hell-hole maniacs in here.

                  • Funny considering what has come out about the Orlando shooter since you posted this… he was born in this country and a naturalized citizen, he was not anything close to a practicing muslim as reported by his family and he was gay. He had been in that and several other gay clubs in the area and there are first hand accounts of other men he had sex with. But it’s just so much easier to blame an entire group of people you don’t agree with instead of facing the psychosis of an individual who, after years of oppression and religious judgement carried out his own act of mercy. Why would “left” “libtards” be to blame for a gay American man killing 50 unarmed people at a dance club? I’d love a response…cause its a reach at best.

      • HAHA, sure you’re a prosecutor. You TOTALLY and legitimately sound like a prosecutor. I think the FBI would want something other than an address posted on the internet to spend the resources for a 3am raid. No threats were made, no disturbance of the peace. Essentially reposting info from the white pages. The commenter could even have suggested that we send sympathy cards to the family, but they kept it vague enough so as to not infer one way or the other, which is too smart for most. Brava Jean!

  4. Reading Brock’s parents letters, I feel sad that they do not share a thought at all to the pain and damage done to the victim, her sister and her parents.
    I get it that you love your son blindly but please lift your head to look beyond and see the other child(victim) too. Doesnt she need the same love, compassion and understanding, if not more as she is traumatized by the action of Brock?

    • Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Brock was raised by entitled, self-centered parents, so of course they don’t have a clue what anyone feels other than themselves.

  5. On Carleen Turner’s Facebook, she has a picture of her family with this caption: My beautiful, faultless family. If my daughter gets raped, well, it’s her fault!. Don’t know if it is true. I hope it is not.

  6. poor baby. 20 minutes of action, and now his whole life is impacted…he doesn’t even want a steak. and it’s so adorable that his dad had to hide snacks from him. are you serious? this is what his father chooses to communicate? then Mom, who is a nurse, clearly raised a perfect son. I mean she was a girl scout leader, right? that settles that.
    I think he should definitely be a teacher, an role model even, for other college drinkers, athletes, privileged elite…with a little inspiration, they could all become rapists.

  7. poor baby. 20 minutes of action, and now his whole life is impacted…he doesn’t even want a steak. and it’s so adorable that his dad had to hide snacks from him. are you serious? this is what his father chooses to communicate? then Mom, who is a nurse, clearly raised a perfect son. I mean she was a girl scout leader, right? that settles that.
    I think he should definitely be a teacher, a role model even, for other college drinkers, athletes, privileged elite…with a little inspiration, they could all become rapists.

  8. I am so sad & sick yes, even for his parents. They obviously did not in their wildest dreams or nightmares expect to have to deal with this gut punch to their family.

    Of course, my senses tell me, rightly so, that our most pressing concerns & actions need to be directed to those institutions to whom we foolishly entrust the safety, welfare & most importantly the education of our children. They MUST take the steps to ensure the safety, welfare, education & appropriate followup to prevent further atrocities from ever happening again.

      • Your and the previous poster are ridiculous if you are referring to the UNIVERSITY Brock attended/ What do you suggest, closed campuses, dorm checks and lights out at 10 p.m. and that’s for the perps? If you are referring to the high school which NEVER addressed consent in it’s sex ed classes – and according to recent reports still doesn’t – spot on!

  9. It only takes a few seconds to shoot or stab someone. Even less time than 20 minutes. Should someone not get any time in prison for something like that? Is the dad asinine?

  10. This site is full of it. My comments mysteriously disappear. Censorship that all I can come up with. Free press my ass.

  11. I hope little Brock gets it so hard up his ass in prison that he will have to plan his future around his toilet habits. He is a spoiled little douchebag and his parents, sadly, are typical of parents in the douchebag mills that are America’s upper-middle class suburbs. As for the pornographic comments from certain of you, I think we all know that the only place you have jizzed is on your Star Wars bedsheets that you have been jizzing on since junior high. We all know you don’t get laid, loser.

  12. This monster raped and ruined a girls life and the judge feels prison is too harsh. What sentence would he give if his wife is daughter was raped? This entire so called rapist family needs deleted from siciety

  13. I take great comfort in knowing that Brock Turner and his equally despicable retard of a father (who referred to the violent rape of an unconscious woman as “20 minutes of action”) spend the rest of their lives wondering if anyone currently issuing death threats against them is going to follow through with those threats. Every time a car pulls up to the curb in front of their house, every time a disturbed-looking person who looks like they might be packing a gun passes them on the street, every time there’s a creak in the floorboards late at night, they’ll be wondering if someone has finally come for them. I hope every member of that family goes to their graves never again knowing what it’s like to feel safe. Sort of like . . . the woman who was raped?

  14. This whole scenario is purposely designed to create Anti White Male sentiment in the buildup to 2016 elections. If this were truly a situation of White Male Privilege, there never would have been a trial in the first place, the victims name and image would be smeared and slandered in the media just as much as the Turner boy has, etc.
    There are glaring weaknesses in the trial evidence and testimonies that have been purposely ignored, suppressed and downplayed in order to keep the online community frothed up and incensed towards the heteroexual white male populace. As a result, no one cares that this young woman’s foolish drunken sexual encounter is fodder for political headlines, a boys life is being eternally thrown under the bus, one of America’s most prestigious universities is forever tarnished, and an honorable judge is going to lose his job and career.

    • You must be reading about a different case. No honorable judge, no “boy,” no weaknesses in the evidence – two eyewitnesses who handed him to police, rape kit done immediately, unconscious victim.

  15. Thankfully, these disgusting and poor excuses for parents no longer live where Brock went to high school, and he NEVER dirties Dayton’s doorstep. Too bad for you Bellbrook,OH. Add another sex offender to your register.

  16. They could afford to send him to Stanford, they don’t need any help. They should check Persky’s pockets for dirty money.

  17. I wish I could tell Brock’s mother and father how ridiculous, selfish, ignorant, sick and stupid they are. They have raised a rapist, maybe just like his sick dad. Regardless of what you think he destoyed her life for ever so forever she is in a mental prison. If it was one of my son’s I would want him to do his time. He did not get light sentence because he was such a sweet innocent thing. It’s because you paid for his slap on his hand, with a judge who is just as sick as you two. You are not fit to raise animals. I don’t feel bad for your son. I hope he is tortured every single day. Never to feel happy or free to take a step outside your home. I hope every bite he takes to eat taste like mud. I hope every time he sleeps he see her body laying there basically nude.
    He did same thing as other males have and they had much harsher conviction.
    Shame on you for asking for help. Admit him to a sex offenders hospital lock the door and leave him. You should worry about us parents, we will protest and we will always make you feel uncomfortable!

  18. How disgusting that these parents make excuses for their son instead of getting him into therapy and making him take responsibility for the rape. He should be in prison, but these parents interceded politically and got him off with a slap on the wrist…and not even a hard slap at that. No wonder he is such a terrible person. His parents never taught him right from wrong….but that is no excuse.

  19. It is so political. It’s not even about Brock Turner. It’s about hate. It’s about taking joy in other people’s problems. It’s about a Scarlett letter. But instead of putting the letter on a loose woman, we put it on a teenager….for life. I got beat up by three guys. Why don’t I get the right to ruin their lives? Can I demand that they never get a job? Can I demand that they be homeless? Can I demand that they forever have to tell their neighbors that they beat someone? If not why not????????? Do I get to parade in front of their houses with loaded weapons threatening to rape, castrate and kill them? Because that’s what is happening in this case.

  20. Yes, that was my confusion. How does the media call it rape when it wasn’t. It was digital penetration, quite different.

  21. Dan Turner’s relationship to the Republican party is mentioned, but Judge Aaron being a Democrat isn’t? (which by the way, is such bullcrap, considering the Democratic party is supposed to be the party for women).

  22. I wonder what the Turners would be saying if they were the ones trying to deal with the unthinkable. Their son will never be the same — he now knows a little bit about the consequences of doing something unthinkably savage and wrong. He doesn’t know nearly enough, because too many people are trying to make excuses for him. Making excuses is a form of giving permission.

    If their son had been found drunk and half-naked on the ground, unconscious, with a guy he didn’t know on top of him, using his limp body for a toy. If they have a daughter, they might imagine being the parents of the girl their son victimized. There is no excuse. There never was, and there never will be.