Donald Trump’s Vice President Possibilities: 5 Potential Running Mates

A new report from NY Mag claims that before his firing, Corey Lewandowski urged Donald Trump to announce his pick for vice president. The fact that this was even a potential option suggests that Trump is close to a decision on this front, if he has not already made his choice. We won't know more until July, as Donald Trump Jr. recently said that the vice presidential nominee would not be announced until the convention, according to The New York Post. But by looking at the prediction markets, we can get some ideas of what to expect. We took a look at the five likeliest picks last week based on data from PredictWise, and the list has already shifted since then, with Senator Bob Corker completely dropping off the top five and with Chris Christie rising towards the top. As of June 21st, here are the people most likely to be chosen as Donald Trump's running mate. (Getty)

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