Hillary Clinton’s Vice President: 5 Possible Running Mates

Hillary Clinton has established herself as the presumptive Democratic nominee, and increased attention is focused on who will join her on the ticket. As Clinton has said in interviews, her main priority is finding a candidate who could step into the presidency, should anything happen to her. "I want to be sure that whoever I pick could be president immediately if something were to happen," Clinton told CNN earlier this month. "That's the most important qualification." Several news reports emerged this week, speculating the names that have been discussed in recent months as potential vice presidential candidates. The Associated Press reported that her short list includes Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Virginia Sen. Tim Kaine and Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro. CNN also reported that Kaine, Warren and Castro are top contenders. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has yet to concede, is not on the list according to the AP and CNN reports. Both reports cited unnamed democratic sources. There’s been some movement in the prediction markets since we broke down Clinton’s potential running mates last week. Here's who the prediction markets monitored by Predictwise.com currently have listed as Clinton’s most likely running mates. (Getty)