Kim Kardashian on Gun Control: The Tweets You Need To See

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Kim Kardashian voiced her displeasure at the U.S. Senate for failing to pass gun control laws after the mass shooting in Orlando. (Getty)

Kim Kardashian surprised her followers this morning by taking a stance on gun control. The reality television star began retweeting messages about the Senate failing to pass laws on gun control after the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12.

Kardashian started her tweet-storm by retweeting Igor Volsky, the Deputy Director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund who has become well-known for calling out politicians who take money from the NRA. She also retweeted writer Gabe Ortiz.

Kardashian then began to share her own thoughts. “So sad! The senate voted against background checks being needed to buy guns. So terrorists on fbi’s wanted lists can legally still buy guns.”

Kardashian was quickly criticized for her remarks. A couple of Twitter users even asked if she allowed her security to carry weapons.

James Frank, a Texas State Representative, also wasn’t happy with Kardashian’s remarks.

On Monday, the Senate failed to pass several gun measures that would have made background checks stronger and stopped those on the terror watch list from obtaining weapons. The votes came just days after a 15-hour filibuster from Senate Democrats, led by Senator Chris Murphy.

This is not the first time Kardashian has tweeted about gun control. In August 2015, Kardashian tweeted about the subject after David Conley was charged with killing eight people.

“He purchased the gun & ammo ONLINE! How is it so easy to purchase guns online!!! Does this not sicken you? No background checks needed!!!!!” she wrote at the time. She added, “These gun safety laws need to change!”

She also tweeted immediately after the Orlando massacre:

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