WATCH: Video of Multiple Shots Fired at Dallas Love Field Airport

Parts of Dallas Love Field Airport were under lockdown after multiple shots were fired outside the baggage claim area. The above video from the scene, posted to Instagram by Bryan Armstrong/@flashyfilm_, shows officers firing at a man. It sounds like multiple shots were fired and people can be heard screaming. People standing around the scene were asked to go inside.

According to The Dallas Morning News, officers responded to the scene at 12:20 p.m. and the baggage area was closed. The entire airport was emptied since people were running past the TSA checkout, Mark Duebner, Dallas director of aviation, told the News. A witness told that TSA officers told everyone at the airport to hide during the incident.

The suspect was taken to an area hospital.

Claire Ballor of the Morning News reports that the TSA lines are currently closed.

Police said in a press conference that they have not identified the suspect yet, but he is an African American male. The suspect was arguing with a woman, who is described as being “fine.” They believe that a “domestic dispute” was the cause of the disturbance, which began when the man threw rocks at a car. Police think that the man is the father of the woman’s children. There were no children at the scene.

When an officer arrived, the man had a rock raised and continued to threaten the officer. The police said that the suspect was not armed with a weapon, but was carrying a rock. Only one officer fired back and the officer will be placed on routine administrative leave.

By 4:30 p.m. ET, the airport was back in business. “TSA Security Checkpoint is back to normal operations. No lines right now. TSA did an excellent job getting approximately 6,000 passengers re-created effectively and efficiently,” reads a statement posted on Instagram.