WATCH: Michael Bloomberg’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention

Michael R. Bloomberg, the Independent former mayor of New York and billionaire media mogul, spoke at the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday and endorsed Hillary Clinton.

“I’m a New Yorker and I know a con when I see one,” Bloomberg said of Trump. He later explained that Trump is a “risky” choice for the country, while Clinton is the “responsible” choice. His role was clearly to appeal to independent voters.

You can read Bloomberg’s entire speech here.

Bloomberg was a late addition to the DNC schedule. It was only on July 24 that the New York Times reported that Bloomberg would speak at the convention and endorse Clinton, despite not being a Democrat. Bloomberg was a Republican when he was first elected Mayor of New York and switched to being an Independent in 2007. Before 2001, Bloomberg was a Democrat.

“As the nation’s leading independent and a pragmatic business leader, Mike has supported candidates from both sides of the aisle. This week in Philadelphia, he will make a strong case that the clear choice in this election is Hillary Clinton,” Bloomberg senior advisor Howard Wolfson told the Times.

Bloomberg had considered running for the White House. However, in March, he wrote that if a three-way race happened, it’s possible that no candidate would get the number of electoral votes needed to become president.

“As the race stands now, with Republicans in charge of both Houses, there is a good chance that my candidacy could lead to the election of Donald Trump or Senator Ted Cruz. That is not a risk I can take in good conscience,” Bloomberg wrote in March.




Clinton wins we all get free stuff!!! She’s going to open the Clinton foundation and give all her money away! Because she loves us and I do believe she cares about the homeless and the poor,she reminds me of my crak smoking step mom she will say eneything to get the crak! Put the pip down

Walter Roura

OMG!!! Bloomberg just tore Trump a new one. “I know a con when I see one.” “He wants to run the country likes he runs his business? God help us!” Middle class Joe followed by billionaire Mike – Trump has been exposed by these two as a quack, a huckster, and the clueless narcissist that he is.

james clark

But you have no problem with the lying, woman hating, election steeling, Hillary who has done nothing but sell herself and our nation to the highest bidder. If she continues with the Obama legacy we will have more debt,more race baiting and more illegal immigrants that steal our jobs and end up as indentured servants. Our fore father,s want someone like Trump,a successful businessman who comes to Washington to serve his country and go home. Hillary got fired a 27 years old for corruption and lying and she has never done anything but continue that legacy. I don’t know what Trump will do but I know what Hillary will do. Like Bill she will sell our country for her own benefit!!!


James Clark: Successful businessmen don’t file for bankruptcy 4 times, make their money by cheating their contractors out of money, and committing fraud. Did you miss the part about Trump gaming the system to hire immigrants, legal and illegal? Or making his products in China? And then there are the blatant women-hating comments made be Trump. His race-bating of Muslims and Mexicans? So it’s ok if Trump does it? I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like or disagrees with HRC (I’ve considered one of the 3rd parties in this election), but don’t be so ignorantly hypocritical. You support someone who has done all of the things you claim to despise. It makes you look like a fool.

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