LIVE STREAM: Donald Trump Rally in Akron, Ohio

FULL SPEECH: Donald Trump Holds HUGE Rally in Akron, OH 8/22/16Monday, August 22, 2016: Live stream coverage of the Donald J. Trump for President rally in Akron, OH at James A. Rhodes Arena. Live coverage begins at 7:00 PM ET. LIVE Stream: Donald Trump Rally in Akron, OH 8/22/162016-08-23T02:49:59.000Z

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump will hold a rally in Akron, Ohio this evening, the candidate’s first event of the week.

Trump’s event will take place at the James A. Rhodes Arena beginning at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time. It can be viewed in the embedded YouTube player via Right Side Broadcasting.

It’s expected that this will be another Trump speech that is delivered from a teleprompter. Virtually all of Trump’s events since announcing his candidacy featured the candidate speaking off the top of his head, but after a recent campaign shakeup, Trump has been addressing his crowds almost entirely using prepared remarks.

Last week, a theme at most of the candidate’s events was trying to appeal to the African American community, which overwhelmingly disapproves of Trump according to most polls. The past week of his campaign has been seen as something of a pivot for Trump, although on Monday morning, he chose to go after MSNBC hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski rather than Hillary Clinton. It remains to be seen how long this supposed reset will last.

Ohio is a crucial swing state in the 2016 election, which explains why Trump decided to pay a visit to it today. The majority of polls show Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump, although not by large margins. The Real Clear Politics polling average shows Clinton ahead of Trump by three points, 45.4 to 42.4. FiveThirtyEight currently gives Clinton a 73.1 percent chance of winning the state in November.

The rest of Trump’s week, however, consists of several rallies in states that are very solidly red, such as Texas and Mississippi.