Evan McMullin’s Best & Funniest Live Tweets During the Presidential Debate

Evan McMullin, Evan McMullin Republican, independent presidential candidate,

Evan McMullin’s Twitter profile picture. (Twitter)

Independent candidate Evan McMullin was one of the third-party candidates who was left off the debate stage Monday for the first presidential debate.

However, like his counterparts Libertarian Gary Johnson and Green Party nominee Jill Stein, McMullin had a lot to say anyway. He said a lot of it on Twitter. At one point he accused Donald Trump of racism, and Hillary Clinton of socialism.

He didn’t think anyone on stage won, that was clear.

McMullin is a former CIA counter-terrorism officer who has previously written that he and other third party candidates deserved to be included in the debate, calling the system rigged. The Commission on Presidential Debates has said that only candidates who met a 15 percent polling threshold in five recent polls qualified for the debate.

That left the stage to Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. The debate immediately ignited into fireworks, with a night dominated by a more aggressive Trump, whose sniffling and interrupting became talks of the night. You can watch the full debate video here.

Here are some of McMullin’s best tweets from the debate:

As he has before, McMullin had harsh words for Trump, accusing him of racism.

Several of his posts revolved around this theme.

He was upset about Trump and Russia.

But he’s not a fan of Hillary and those emails.

He wanted to protect the rights of Americans.

Generally, he thinks both candidates are awful.

He doesn’t think Trump will be good on the economy either.

He had more negative things to say about Trump than Clinton, it seemed.

As a former counter-terrorism agent, he thinks he could best beat ISIS.

He thinks this election has very high stakes. He decided to provide a video message.

For good measure, he accused Hillary Clinton of socialism.