WATCH: 3 Bears Take a Dip in Pasadena Pool & Get Chased by a Dog

Three black bears were on the loose in Pasadena, California on Wednesday afternoon. They took a dip in someones pool before they were chased away by a dog.

The bears – a mother and her two cubs – were first spotted in a Pasadena neighborhood aroung noon. Sheriff’s Lt. Randy Tuinstra told the Los Angeles Times that the wild bears wandered into a backyard, where they decided to go into a pool. They also dived into a dumpster and one of the bears broke a sliding-glass door.

Andrew Hughan, a spokesman for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, told the Times that it was not unusual to see the bears, but it was unusual to see them go into a pool. He added that the two cubs looked less than a year old and looked very healthy.

The bears later went into a second pool before a dog ran after the bears. No injuries were reported.

Here are some reactions to the scene on Twitter:

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