Dana Rohrabacher, a California Congressman who has routinely defended Putin and Russia, is now a candidate for Donald Trump’s Secretary of State. Here’s a look at his career.

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Sherri Papini went missing November 2, and was found battered and chained, but alive on Thanksgiving Day. Read more and see photos of the woman here.

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Rogelio Chavez and Laron Campbell are on the run after escaping from the Santa Clara Main Jail in California using a saw to cut through bars, police say.

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Sherri Papini was allegedy kidnapped while out jogging November 2. On Thanksgiving Day she was found alive, but there are many unanswered questions. What happened to Sherri? Was she really abducted? Read the latest on this breaking story here.

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Will Sims, a pianist and musician from Richmond, California, was beaten and shot in what police say was a hate crime. Daniel Porter-Kelly is accused of the murder.

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California is such a powerful popular vote driver that it alone contributed three times Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead total over Donald Trump.

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Hillary Clinton leads the popular vote against Donald Trump, and there were millions of uncounted ballots after election day, with many in California. Trump won the electoral college.

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Although Donald Trump won the electoral college, he lost the country’s most populous state: California. Could the Golden State secede from the union?

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One person has been killed and at least three others shot by an “active shooter” near a polling place in Azusa, California. The gunman remains at large.

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Proposition 60 is set to be on California ballots November 8, and these porn stars are none too pleased. Click through the gallery to learn more about the stars and proposed bill.

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A bill has been proposed in California, Proposition 60, that threatens the lives and livelihoods of porn stars in the state. Get the details on the bill here.

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Navy Chief Petty Officer Jason C. Finan, a 34-year-old California native, was killed in an IED blast in Mosul, Iraq, during the fight to retake the city from ISIS.

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Katie May, a Snapchat and Instagram star and Playboy Model, died from a ruptured artery after a visit to a chiropractor, the Los Angeles coroner says.

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Mowayne McKay and Diego Reid are Jamaican nationals accused of involvement in the mass shooting at a makeshift restaurant in Los Angeles.

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John Felix is accused of shooting three police officers in Palm Springs, California. Officers Lesley Zerebny and Jose Gilbert Vega were murdered in the attack.

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Three Palm Springs, California police officers were shot and two – Lesley Zerebny and Jose Gilbert Vega – were killed. The suspect remains at large.

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