Nolan Bruder was convicted of drugging and raping his sister. Some are criticizing the judge for being too lenient and comparing it to the Brock Turner case.

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Claudia Rueda, a student and immigration organizer who protested her mother’s detention, was detained by ICE, say groups that started a #freeclaudia hashtag.

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See photos of Shaun Gallon, accused of being a suspect in the Jenner Beach murders of Lindsay Cutshall and Jason Allen. His Facebook page has bizarre ramblings.

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Shaun Gallon is accused of making “statements implicating himself” in the Jenner Beach murders of Lindsay Cutshall and her fiance, Jason Allen.

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Brian Schear and his wife, Brittany, were kicked off a Delta flight in the latest video to go viral. The airline wanted them to give up a seat they’d paid for.

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Casey Thomas, a baseball player in the Oakland Athletics’ farm team, has died unexpectedly in Phoenix. The A’s prospect’s cause of death is not yet clear.

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Peter Selis was identified as the mass shooter who opened fire in a shooting spree at a San Diego apartment pool. He shot all black and Hispanic victims.

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Aramazd Andressian, a South Pasadena father, is in the news after his son went missing. He was jailed on suspicion of child abduction but released.

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Black Bear ranch commune in California is in the news after reports that Tennessee teacher Tad Cummins and student Elizabeth Thomas briefly stayed there.

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Cuba Gooding Sr., the father of actor Cuba Gooding Jr., has died. Learn more about his cause of death. He was a singer with the group, Main Ingredient.

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Elizabeth Thomas found safe. The Tennessee student was located in northern California, police said, and her teacher, Tad Cummins, was arrested.

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Two of the Fresno shooting victims were named as Mark Gassett and Zackary Randalls. See photos. Kori Muhammad is accused of murdering them as a hate crime.

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Kori Ali Muhammad is accused of being behind a hate crime attack in Fresno, California. He is accused of murdering four people, and shouting Allahu Akbar. Police say he targeted the victims because they are white.

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Kori Muhammad is accused of shooting four people in downtown Fresno, killing three, and shouting Allahu Akbar. He is also accused in the murder of a security guard at Motel 6.

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Nandi Cain Jr., 24, was thrown to the ground and punched by a Sacramento police officer who stopped him for jaywalking. A bystander recorded video of the beating.

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Jonathan Martinez, 8, was the student killed in the San Bernardino elementary school shooting by Cedric Charles Anderson. Karen Smith was also killed.

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