WATCH: Michelle Obama on Birther Controversy

First Lady Michelle Obama on Friday weighed in on the latest discussion about President Barack Obama‘s birthplace and the “birther” claims that some hold, including one Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump once led.

Obama attacked the birther movement during an address in front of a crowd in Virginia, where she was stumping for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

“But back then, people had all kinds of questions of what kind of president Barack would be,” Obama said. “Things like ‘Does he understand us?’ ‘Will he protect us?’ And then, of course, there were those who questioned and continue to question for the past eight years, up to this very day, whether my husband was even born in this country. Well, during his time in office, I think Barack has answered those questions with the example he’s set by going high when they go low. And he’s answered those questions with the progress we’ve achieved together.”

Boos and jeers erupted after the first lady suggested Obama wasn’t born in the U.S. — and she received cheers when she took from her speech at the 2016 Democratic National Convention by saying the president went ‘high when they go low.’

Trump, who for years prodded about or denied Barack Obama’s birth certificate’s authenticity, said Friday he believed the president was born in the U.S. He also blamed Clinton for starting the rumor, according to the Washington Post.

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