READ: Ashley Judd Claims Donald Trump Commented About ‘His Family Member’s Spouse’

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Actress and Hollywood star Ashley Judd has accused Donald Trump of making comments to her about “his family member’s spouse, and especially her breasts.”


She did not identify the supposed family member or explain where the alleged conversation occurred.

Judd also made a second similar tweet about Trump on October 7. She deleted it, but people saved it on Twitter.

She explained why she deleted the Tweet, referring people back to the second one:

Judd has made similar comments about Trump before.

According to Jezebel, in July, Judd said, “I’ve known Donald for 15, 17 years? I’m friends with someone who married into the family. Anyway, I would bump into him at the U.S. Open, for example, and I think I can say the amount of time he has spent looking at my chest rather than my face is proportional to his insanity and functionality.” Jezebel also reported that Judd called Trump a “breast gazer” and claimed that he had “sexualized” the person who “at that time was married into the family.” That article also did not identify the person to whom Judd was referring.

According to The Washington Times, Judd “is a longtime Democrat who publicly supported President Obama’s 2008 and 2012 presidential elections.” Judd endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2015, and said at the time that Hillary Clinton ‘is the most overqualified candidate since Thomas Jefferson.’”

Judd’s comments came in the wake of the release of the video that captured the Republican nominee making lewd comments about women to Billy Bush in 2005. In a video obtained by the Washington Post, Trump is captured graphically talking to then-Access Hollywood host Bush about having sex with women and commenting on certain women’s looks. Trump has apologized for the comments, the most notorious of which was a comment in which Trump said of women that stars are able to “grab them by the p–sy.”

Judd also unleashed a Twitterstorm against Trump over his comments to Bush on the tape.

Learn more about the Bush/Trump conversation here:

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