Last Time the Cubs Went to the World Series, These Things Didn’t Exist

It’s been 71 years since the Chicago Cubs were in the World Series, but they are heading there now.

However, the Cubs didn’t win the World Series in 1945. The last time the Cubs won the World Series was in 1908, when they defeated the New York Giants.

To properly capture the monumentally historic nature of the moment, people are posting on Twitter about “the last time the Cubs went to the World Series…”

Here are the funniest and most interesting tweets about the last time the Cubs went to the World Series (and the last time the Cubs WON it):

The Last Time the Cubs Went to the World Series…

Gas was really cheap.

Bread cost 9 cents.

The NBA didn’t exist yet.

The Mets were a twinkle in fans’ eyes.

Tom Crabtree was 12.

Kurt DeFilipps’ parents were toddlers.

People’s grandmothers were 3-years-old.

The Los Angeles Dodgers didn’t exist. (They were in Brooklyn, remember?)

People’s minds were a little preoccupied with more important things.

Lennon was 5.

World War II had ended a month before.

Hitler died.

This tweet is quite a stark reminder of how far we’ve come as a society.

This one too.

People posted cool pictures of their relatives going to the World Series.

People were cheering for these guys.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump weren’t born yet. (She will be 69 on October 26; he’s 70.)

No one had ever drank a diet soda.

Lots of people who are dead now were still alive (not sure on this guy’s math…)

The Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series…

Slavery had ended only 43 years before. (It ended in 1865).

Women couldn’t vote. (That happened in 1920).

The Ottoman Empire existed. (In case you’re curious, it lasted 600 years and ended in 1922.)

The Qing Dynasty existed. (It bit the dust in 1911/12.)

There were fewer states.

William Faulkner was 11.

The Titanic hadn’t been built yet. (Construction started the following year).

You couldn’t listen to the game on a transistor radio.

You’d have to be really old to remember it.

People still liked the Germans.

No one had used a zipper.

Chevy didn’t exist yet.

Harry Caray didn’t exist yet.

The world map looked really different.

The mascot looked really different.

Teddy Roosevelt was president.

No one had thought of sliced bread. (A Missouri bakery first did that in 1928.)

There were a lot of authority figures running around.

The guy who invented the Internet wasn’t around yet. (No, not Al Gore).

The Model T had just hit the market. (October 1, 1908)

Someone clue this guy in:

Yeah, no kidding!

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