Why Does Donald Trump Keep Drinking Water in the Third Debate?

As the third presidential debate got underway in Las Vegas between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, lots of people noticed something odd: Donald Trump kept drinking from a glass of water.


What was going on? That is unclear, but the Trump is drinking a lot of water theme immediately jumped into a thing on Twitter. It also comes on the heels of Trump’s conspicuous sniffling during the first two presidential debates. Forbes said the sniffling could have been caused by many things, ranging from allergies to Trump being irritated by something.

Someone might have reminded Trump that politicians and water do not always mix. Remember Marco Rubio?

Some people believed that Trump had switched from sniffling to water sipping. He did start out the debate with a more modulated tone than he had in the first two debates; in the first debate, he was accused of interrupting Clinton a lot. However, his voice raised a few times during heated debates about topics like Russia. Some joked he could start selling Trump water. (Actually, Trump already sells water.)

In the third presidential debate, the sniffling had largely vanished, but the glass of water had emerged. Trump drank from the glass of water, which he kept at his podium, three times in the first half hour of the debate alone.

Even after the first time that Trump drank from the water glass, people were saying on Twitter that it was likely to become a meme. In fact, though, the debate seemed to focus far more on substantive issues from the onset than previous presidential debates; the candidates immediately sparred on issues that are very important to the American people, including guns, abortion, nuclear weapons, and Russia.

However, it was the Trump glass of water, and also his focused stare into the camera, that received some attention on Twitter.

Here is more of the reaction on Twitter to Trump drinking water so much: