Hurricane Matthew Florida Power Outages: Find Out Where Power Remains Out

Hurricane Matthew power outages, where is power out in Florida, is my power out, hurricanes

Aftermath of Hurricane Matthew in Flagler Beach, Florida. (Getty)

Nearly 800,000 people in Florida were still victims of power outages in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew on Saturday. The Florida Department of Emergency Management released a complete list of outages as of 3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time on October 8. That list can be viewed at this link, or in the graphic below.

Hurricane Matthew power outages, where is power out in Florida, is my power out, hurricanes

(Florida Department of Emergency Management)

More than one of every 20 Florida customers remained without power, seven percent, a total of 763,828.

USA Today has also created an interactive map or where power outages are occurring in Florida. Access that clickable map at this link.

Customers can report new outages online by going to the Florida Power and Light Storm Center site at this link or by calling the power company at 1-800-4OUTAGE, that is, 800-468-8243.

In the eastern coastal Florida county of Brevard, the 10th-largest in the state and home to the Melbourne metropolitan area, FPL said that full power was expected to be restored to “essentially” all customers by the “end of day, Sunday,” though some customers may remain without power into Monday.

The state also announced on Saturday afternoon that all hurricane and tropical storm alerts in Florida had been ended but “dangerous surf conditions and flooding continue.”

The State Emergency Response Team also warned Florida residents against trying to compensate for lost power by using home generators.

“Never use a generator indoors or in attached garage as they exhaust carbon monoxide,” SERT warned, via its official Twitter account.

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