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    The 2016 presidential election polls show that Donald Trump lost in four key swing states. Did Hillary Clinton win the election after all? Here are the facts.

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    Early estimated results are coming in from the exit polling service VoteCastr, and they show Hillary Clinton leading in two states.

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    Tyler Naquin, the Cleveland Indians center fielder, made a fielding mistake in Game 6 of the World Series that turned the game in favor of the Chicago Cubs.

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  • 1908 World Series: How the Cubs Beat the Tigers

    The 1908 World Series was the last time the Chicago Cubs won a championship, beating the Detroit Tigers four games to one.

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  • New Donald Trump Accuser To Speak Thursday: Gloria Allred To Hold Presser

    A new Donald Trump sexual misconduct accuser will come forward on Thursday, October 20, according to lawyer Gloria Allred.

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    New FBI documents show that a state department official asked for a "quid pro quo" on changing classification of Hillary Clinton emails.