Hurricane Matthew in the Bahamas: The Videos You Need to See

Hurricane Matthew hit the Bahamas overnight, on its way from the Caribbean to the Florida coast. The storm has already been deadly, killing at least 100 people in Haiti already and 140 people in the Caribbean. Here are videos of the storm in the Bahamas. Hurricane Matthew is now a Category 4 storm, with winds at 140 mph.

On October 4, Prime Minister Perry Christie began ordering residents in Nassau, the country’s largest city, to evacuate because it was expected to take a “direct hit” from the hurricane. According to the Nassau Guardian, Matthew was a Category 3 storm when it reached the Bahamas, with winds reaching 125 miles per hour.

NBC News reports that the center of Matthew is expected to drop at least 15 inches of rain on the Bahamas, with storm surges as high as 15 feet.

The following video was posted by Kevin Bente, a student at the University of Miami who lives in Nassau.

Although the following tweet does not have video, the audio provides a hint of the storm’s winds.

The Nassau Guardian reports that the Forecast Office in Nassau was evacuated, although the deputy director said there will be “no impact” on their ability to track the storm. The Guardian also reports that this is the first time a major hurricane has struck New Providence – the island where Nassau is on – since 1929. Over 70 percent of the Bahamanian population live on the island.

The following video was posted by a tourist visiting the Bahamas.

Government offices have been shut down since 3 p.m. on Tuesday, The Bahamas Press notes.

The following video was shared by the Associated Press from overnight.

The following video shows the effects at beaches.

Below is video Tribune 242 posted from Wednesday morning.

The wind is so strong that it blew out a window for a hotel room at the top floor of the building.

A police officer took this video of the storm in Nassau.

Here is another video of the extreme weather hitting the Bahamas.

This video shows flooding in the Bahamas.

Another dramatic video from ABC News shows a roof being blown off.

Here’s another video from Thursday afternoon:

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