WATCH: Vice Presidential Debate Full Video

Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence squared off on October 4 for a vice presidential debate.

Although the VP candidates have been largely overshadowed by the theatrics between presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the debate provided the public its first chance to see the running mates square off head-to-head. The debate was held at Longwood University in Virginia.

You can watch the full debate replay above.

The vice presidential debate had its moments. According to NBC News, the vice presidential candidates largely spent their time attacking the top of each other’s ticket, with Pence painting Clinton as representing the status quo, and Kaine going after Trump for his various past controversial statements. ABC said some observers expected the debate to focus more on policy questions than on attacks, but that it diverged into one-liners and accusations.

Some observers felt that Kaine interrupted Pence and seemed more frustrated; you can read some of the top Pence quotes from the debate here. ABC News says that Pence seemed calmer in the debate than Kaine, to some observers.

Pence is governor of the State of Indiana, and Kaine is a senator from Virginia.

Pence also had some controversial moments, such as when he said, “You whipped out that Mexican thing again.” Pence was upset because Kaine continually referenced Trump’s past comments on Mexicans. In his debate opening, Pence called Longwood University, where the debate was held, “Norwood.”

Tim Kaine, Mike Pence


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Did you see how Tim Kaine using his facial expressions to guide and direct the narrator of the vice president debate!! Now remember when I raise my eyebrows and I look at you,you need you to butt in and stop Mike Pence from continuing!! it’s just the same as signals in a poker game !! You’re never going to win unless you play your cards and play them well !! I believe just that,Mike Pence played his cards well !!


And when they have a chance to greet each other before the debate its like pregame publicity stunt. go Kaine. Best of luck to Pence and Donald!

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