WATCH: Hillary Clinton Talks Second Debate With Ellen DeGeneres

Hillary Clinton will be on The Ellen Degeneres Show on Friday, October 14 for her first interview since the second presidential debate. She was supposed to be on the show in September, but her appearance was delayed after her pneumonia diagnosis.

Clinton said that she could sense “how much anger” Trump had after the release of the 2005 Access Hollywood video, in which he made lewd comments about women, during the second debate. The debate was in a town hall format, with a group of undecided voters on the stage, asking the two candidates questions.

“He was trying to dominate and then literally stalk me around the stage and I could just feel this pretense behind me. I thought, ‘Woah, this is really weird,'” Clinton said. “I was just trying to stay focused and keep my composure, trying to interact with the moderators, but really, for me, more with the people there… And deal with the string of accusations that he was putting forth.”

Clinton said that she had thought about fact-checking Trump during the debates, but decided that she would rather direct viewers to her website to see evidence they have of Trump’s incorrect statements. Instead, she is going to keep “trying to talk about what this election should be about, which is people’s lives and our country and what we’re going to do to help each other.”

In another segment during the interview, DeGeneres went light-hearted with a clip of Clinton “dancing” during the debate with Ken Bone.

Clinton’s interview with DeGeneres airs during The Ellen DeGeneres Show today. Click here to find out what station the show airs on where you live. You can click “change location” on the top left-hand side and put in your zip code.




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Your husband Bill was busy on harassing women during his presidency and you were encourage him to do that. so forget about that and let the people know about the strategy you have to fight terrorism . I have big doubt on this issue on Hillary capability . terrorist now acquiring access to a very sophisticated technology and to some sensitive security system.


I used to like Ellen but she is a liberal piece of shit. I’m sure after the phony interview hillary put on her strap on and danced with Ellen

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