WATCH: Abbotsford High School Stabbing [GRAPHIC]

WARNING: This Video Contains Extremely Graphic Violence

Shortly after the horrifying news emerged that a stabbing had occurred at a Canadian high school did the above video appear on social media. Authorities in Abbotsford, Canada, have indicated they are aware of the clip. It appears to show a male stabbing a female inside of Abbotsford Secondary School in British Columbia on November 1.

The suspect has been named as Gabriel Brandon Klein.

One of the victims of the stabbing has died, another remains in a local hospital. News 1130 reports that both of the victims are students.

The deceased student has been named as Letisha Reimer. The other victim is Emily Isaak.

The Abbotsford News describes the injuries as “significant.” Both were airlifted from the scene.




Not the kindest remarks towards Amber. I agree with her that there is no good in the public viewing this event. The details have been shared with you: two girls were stabbed. Perhaps you think Paul Bernardo’s videos should have also been made public? I’m certain you’ll say “apples and oranges”. Before you do comment though, first tell us HOW the public good is served by allowing this video to be seen?


The video shows the savagery and will help when it comes time to convict. Imagine the spin his lawyer could try to put on this without it? Self defense maybe? Or the guy wasn’t even there? Showing the video brings to light the truth.


If that’s the case, the jury should see it. There’s NO reason for the general public to see it…NONE!


SO dont show any videos with violence, dont show cops shooting anyone they feel like. Dont show crime being commited. The only violence you want to see is in shows so it makes it unreal. Watch this video and figure out what is so screwed up with this world and try to make it better.

Amber Visuals

Out of respect to the victims and families involved , I think it’s in bad taste to post this video. The suspect is in custody therefore this video does not serve any purpose. In my opinion, the public does not actually need to this this action. Allow the victim to rest in peace.

Grob Hahn (@GrobHahn)

Yes, it’s so much better to ignore the truth than face it head on. By ignoring we build up a wall of fantasy about the risks we face in daily life. But that’s ok because we win by feeling better most of the time. Things like a stabbing in a school lose their horror with this kind of sugar coating. Avert your eyes if you must, but don’t try to justify shutting it down with feigned “concern” for the dead. Expose this murdering bastard, let’s see his face, social media and any arcane manifesto he might have kept.


Thank you, Grob. Amber needs to stay off of the internet, the news channels and anywhere else she thinks she might be offended or disrespected. Great way to stay in your cocoon, Amber. Of course, it’s not nice to see. It’s horrifying. Life is not pleasant sometimes. We learn and we grow. From the good and the bad. Learn from this. Don’t ignore it.

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