Carl Conyers, John’s Son: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Carl Conyers, Carl Conyers missing, John Conyers son

Carl Conyers. (Facebook/Carl Conyers)

Carl Edward Conyers, the son of Representative John Conyers of Michigan, was reported missing in Texas in 2016 for several days, but was later found safe. The then 21-year-old is Conyers’ youngest son and is a student at the University of Houston.

Police told Click2Houston that Carl was found safe in his apartment. After he was found, he was taken to the University of Houston police department and interviewed. He was later released to his family.

The FBI and Secret Service joined the search. Conyers said in an interview with the Detroit News before he son was found that this behavior is unlike his son and he is worried.

John Conyers has now been hammered with a series of sexual harassment allegations. He announced his retirement on December 5, and his other son, John Conyers III, announced that he would run for his father’s seat in Congress. Ian Conyers, John Conyers’ great-nephew, is also considering a run for the seat, which could make the election to replace John Conyers a family affair.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Carl Is Studying at the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business

Carl Conyers, Carl Conyers missing, John Conyers son

John Conyers. (Getty)

According to his LinkedIn profile, Carl is studying at the University of Houston and is enrolled at the C.T. Bauer College of Business. He is a sophomore.

Carl is currently a Student Program Coordinator at the university. He also worked at the Fort Bend County Commissioner’s office as Communications manager in the summer of 2015. From July 2012 to August 2014, he interned at the Law Media Group in Washington D.C. He was also a marketing intern for Inner Door Center from May to June 2014.

He is expected to graduate from the University of Houston in 2018. According to his Twitter bio, Carl is the President of the Black Business Association at the University of Houston and Uncommon Colors Marketing Director. He wrote, “President of the Black Business Association @UH. Uncommon Colors Marketing Director. UH18. #Positivity.”

2. Carl Had Not Been Seen Since Tuesday Night Before He Was Found On a Friday Morning

Carl Conyers, Carl Conyers missing, John Conyers son

Carl Conyers. (Facebook/Carl Conyers)

Conyers’ other son, John Conyers III, posted on social media that Carl hadn’t been seen since Tuesday night and had been missing for over 24 hours, reported Fox2 Detroit. John Conyers III also posted a photo of his younger brother, adding that he might no longer have facial hair.

The Houston Police Department told the Houston Chronicle that Carl was last seen at the apartment he shares with his roommate in the 3700 block of Southmore.

HPD also confirmed that Carl was no longer wearing the beard seen in a Facebook photo. He has black hair, brown eyes and is 6 feet tall. He weighs 145 pounds. The Houston Chronicle confirmed that the FBI and Secret Service joined the search for Carl.

John Conyers III continued to tweet to his brother, hoping to hear from him.

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When Carl was found, John Conyers III tweeted his excitement and thanked those who helped.

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3. Carl’s Girlfriend Says She Saw a Backpack Filled With Clothes in His Room

Carl Conyers, Carl Conyers missing, John Conyers son

(LinkedIn/Carl Conyers)

Carl’s girlfriend, Daisha Lewis, told Click2Houston that she saw him going into her room and closing his door. When she went into the room Wednesday morning, it was a mess and there were clothes in a backpack. He also didn’t take his cell phone of family pictures.

“To see his room like that, it was scary,” Lewis told the Houston Chronicle. She said she became nervous when he didn’t answer a text message.

KPRC2 also reports that police have questioned Carl’s roommate, Chet Ball. HPD’s missing-persons unit told the Chronicle that Ball told them that Carl was acting strangely on Tuesday.

“I don’t think he would do any of this,” Lewis told the Chronicle. “Everyone cares about him. He has no problems with anyone. He’s a good person.”

In an interview with the Detroit News, Conyers said that the family notified the FBI. “I’m very worried. It’s very unlike him. He’s a very stable young guy,” Conyers said.

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Carl’s roommates have said that he was “stressed” about school on Tuesday.

KHOU is also reporting that Carl’s girlfriend said he sent a tweet on Wednesday, asking to meet up with her. However, he did not show up.

4. Carl Is the Son of John & Monica Conyers

Carl is the son of John Coyners and his wife, Monica Conyers. In October 2015, Monica, 52, filed for divorce from Conyers, citing a “breakdown of the marriage.”

Conyers is the longest-serving current member of the House of Representatives, making him the Dean of the House after John Dingell retired. Conyers was first elected in 1965 and currently represents the 13th Congressional district of Michigan. The district covers the portions of Detroit and is a majority black district.

Monica served as a member of the Detroit City Council and spent 37 months in prison after pleading guilty to accepting bribes. The two have been married since 1990.

Click2Houston reports that his mother will arrive in Houston Thursday afternoon.

“This is not like him. If he was going to go somewhere and take a break, which he’s never ever done, he would call me,” Monica Conyers said when she arrived in Houston, KHOU reports. “I’ve heard nothing from my son. Nothing Period.”

5. Carl Starred in a 2010 Video on YouTube, Singing ‘Tik Tok’

In 2010, Carl’s older brother earned attention, but not for a good reason. He reported to Dallas police that he had two laptops were $1,100 each and $27,000 worth of concert tickets stolen from a Cadillac SUV. As the Associated Press reported at the time, the Cadillac Escalade turned out to be registered in his father’s name.

Conyers later apologized and insisted that the Treasury will be reimbursed. He said his son would not do it again.

John Conyers III is also an aspiring rapper, notes Roll Call.

In 2010, Carl was seen in a video singing a version of Kesha’s “Tick Tok.” As MLive noted at the time, Carl’s video appeared on a Tumblr blog post by John Conyers III.