David Joseph, a naked and unarmed black teen, was fatally shot by Austin Police Officer Geoffrey Freeman. Listen to police radio audio from the incident here.

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David Joseph, 17, was naked and unarmed when he was fatally shot by police in Austin, Texas. The shooting by Officer Geoffrey Freeman is being investigated.

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David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt were indicted by a Harris County, Texas, grand jury investigating their undercover Planned Parenthood videos.

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The “Affluenza Mom’s” eldest son told a judge his mother has a negative $99 billion balance in her bank account in an effort to have her bail reduced.

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Brian Encinia, the Texas state trooper who pulled over Sandra Bland, has been indicted by a grand jury on a perjury charge. He has been fired.

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Two Houston women who apparently found a lost smartphone in an Uber ride recorded a video for the phone’s owner. The viral video became a song thanks to Redditor kerodean.

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Eric Jamal Johnson, a U.S. Marine also known as Santana Sage, is accused in the murder of North Texas student Sara Muschlechner. See photos of Johnson here.

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A 20-year-old Marine, who is also a rapper, is accused of killing a Texas sorority sister during a New Year’s Eve road rage shooting.

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A University of North Texas student was shot and killed in a road rage incident while driving her friends home from a New Year’s Eve party.

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“Affluenza teen” Ethan Couch and his mother, Tonya Couch, have been arrested in Mexico after apparently fleeing the country to avoid a probation violation.

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Lawyers for the Irving, Texas, “Clock Kid,” Ahmed Mohamed, are demanding $15 million from the city and school district. Read the lawyer’s demands here.

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William Hudson, 36, has been charged with murder after 6 people, including a child, were found dead at a camp site in rural Texas, police say.

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A viral video showing Austin, Texas police violently beating jaywalkers early Friday has the Austin Police Department reviewing the case surrounding the arrests.

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Dramatic video captured by surveillance cameras shows the May 2015 shootout involving police and biker gangs in Waco, Texas, at the Twin Peaks Restaurant.

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A felon and “sexual predator” has been charged with murder in the death of 18-year-old Zoe Hastings in Dallas.

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Cam’Ron Matthews, a junior at Alto High School in Texas, died after collapsing on the sideline during a football game on Friday.

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