Shannon J. Miles is in custody and is the main suspect in the execution-style shooting of Deputy Darren Goforth at a gas station in Houston, Texas.

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Darren Goforth, a deputy sheriff in Harris County, Texas, was ambushed and shot to death while pumping gas in his uniform Friday evening in Cypress.

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Brad Miller has been fired from his position as a police officer in Arlington, Texas, after he fatally shot unarmed black teen Christian Taylor on August 7.

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David Conley, 48, is accused of killing six children and two adults after breaking into his former home in Houston, Texas, police say.

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Christian Taylor, a football player, was shot unarmed by Arlington police. The surveillance video and unverified dispatch audio may show different stories.

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Sandra Bland’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Trooper Brian Encinia and others a month after she was found dead in a Texas jail cell.

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New video released by authorities in Waller County, Texas, shows Sandra Bland being booked into jail and having her mugshot taken to dispel social media rumors.

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Sandra Bland’s mugshot has created conspiracy theories and rumors, including that it was taken after she was already dead and that it was edited by officials.

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Geneva Reed-Veal is the mother of Sandra Bland, the Illinois woman found dead in a Texas jail after a traffic stop.

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Cuts and looping video have raised questions about whether dashcam video showing Texas Trooper Brian Encinia arresting Sandra Bland was edited.

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Brian Encinia is the 30-year-old Texas State Trooper placed on desk duty during the investigation into the arrest and death of Sandra Bland.

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New video showing the traffic stop and arrest of Sandra Bland has been released by officials in Waller County, Texas, where Bland was found dead in a jail cell.

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An Illinois woman who moved to Texas for her dream job at her alma mater was found dead in her cell after being arrested during a traffic stop. Police say she committed suicide. Her friends and family say that would never happen.

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Daniel Gaskey, an off-duty Mansfield firefighter and ex-Marine, was at an Exxon gas station when Dylan Bearden pushed him aside and attempted to rob the register.

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Justin Bartek, a 30-year-old father and postal worker from Columbia, Texas, died after launching a firework off his chest while at a fishing hole with friends.

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Palestine, Texas, police have released the body cam footage of Officer Kaylynn Griffin during the shooting death of James Bushey outside of an Applebee’s.

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