Texas fired Charlie Strong Saturday morning, and they moved quickly to fill the vacancy.

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Yesenia Sesmas is suspected of killing an acquaintance before kidnapping the woman’s 6-day-old baby girl. Read more on the suspect and story here.

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Otis Tyrone McKane, has been identified as the suspect in the ambush killing of San Antonio Police Detective Benjamin Marconi, who was shot during a traffic stop.

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San Antonio Police have released surveillance video showing the suspect in the shooting of Detective Benjamin Marconi, who was killed Sunday during a traffic stop.

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Detective Benjamin Marconi was ambushed and shot dead while writing a traffic ticket in his patrol car in San Antonio, Texas, police say. The shooter is at-large.

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A San Antonio high school is under fire after two students staged a mock assassination skit of President elect Donald Trump.

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Scarlett Fakhar is a Houston television reporter who lost her job after a Facebook post expressing happiness that Donald Trump won the election.

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Carl Conyers, the youngest son of Michigan Rep. John Conyers, was reported missing in Texas. He was found Friday morning.

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Trisha Meyer is charged with child endangerment after allowing exotic and dangerous animals, including tigers, to roam freely in a home she shared with her teen daughter. Read more on the woman and story here.

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Texas Rep. Michael McCaul is the House Homeland Security Committee Chairman and in the running to be Donald Trump’s Homeland Security Secretary.

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Vote flipping allegations have been raised in Georgia and North Carolina, where people say machines turned Hillary Clinton votes into Donald Trump votes.

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22-year-old Zuzu Verk went missing under suspicious circumstances October 11, and her boyfriend, Robert Fabian, has been named a suspect. Read the latest on this breaking story here.

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Tiffany Heath, 29, is accused of trying to help her husband, Fort Worth teacher Cary Heath, cover up the killings of two of their neighbors, police say.

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Miranda Kay Rader is accused of crashing her SUV into a police car while driving drunk and taking a topless selfie for her boyfriend. See photos of her here.

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A 19-year-old student at Texas A&M crashed into a cop car while driving drunk and trying to take a topless selfie on Snapchat, police say.

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A middle school teacher in Texas is accused in the double murder of his neighbors, Phillip Garcia and Daniel Haros.

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