Cops responded to a stabbing at a private Christian school in East Texas that is home to Hitler’s silverware.

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A scary video shows an African-American man approaching a mother and child in a car, spitting on their windshield, and yelling obscenities at them.

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Alecia Pennington is a 19-year-old girl from Texas who is unable to prove her American citizenship due to isolationist, fundamentalist Christian parents.

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Hey, you never know. At least three winning tickets have been sold for the highest Powerball jackpot in U.S. history — a whopping $564 million.

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After allegedly “brandishing a weapon,” 17-year-old Kristiana Coignard was shot three times and killed by police inside the Longview Police Department in Texas.

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Ten people are dead after a bus carrying prisoners fell off an overpass and hit a passing freight train.

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Despite a last-place finish, Arkansas was a tough out and battle-tested in the SEC West. Will that help them against the Longhorns in the Texas Bowl? Read on for our prediction.

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A video of American Airlines flight passengers experiencing severe turbulence takes a funny turn when dubbed over with Gene Wilder’s Boat Song.

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Five people were injured during extreme turbulence on board a Korea-Texas American Airlines flight. This is why you wear your seatbelt on planes.

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Court of Appeals Judge Nora Longoria of Hidalgo County, Texas was arrested for a DUI in July. The District Attorney claimed it lacked evidence to prosecute.

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At the Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, on November 8, concertgoers were treated to a meteor show while Mouse Mouse played “Dark Center of the Universe.”

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A patient at Baylor University Hospital in Dallas has “screened positive” for Ebola.

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Axl Goode is the male stripper from Texas who sat 3-feet from Ebola-infected Amber Joy Vinson on Frontier Flight 1143. He has voluntarily quarantined himself.

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Nina Pham, the Dallas, Texas nurse diagnosed with Ebola, departed Texas for the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Center in Maryland. Here is her message.

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Briana Aguirre is the Texas Presbyterian nurse who blew the whistle on the hospital’s protocols which may have led to two of its nurses getting Ebola.

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Frontier Airlines 1143 is the airplane that confirmed Ebola case Amber Joy Vinson was on on Tuesday, October 14. It went from Cleveland, Ohio to Dallas, Texas.

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