Texas and 10 other states have sued the Obama administration over its directive to public schools about the use of bathrooms by transgender students.

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Corpus Christi, Texas, residents haven’t been able to drink their water for over a week. Now Erin Brockovich is trying to help. What happened and will it be fixed?

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Che Lajuan Calhoun has been cleared in the murder of 11-year-old Josue Flores, who was stabbed while walking home from school in Houston, Texas, police say.

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Austin Police have released dashcam video from the fatal shooting of unarmed and naked teen David Joseph in February by former officer Geoffrey Freeman.

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Samantha Broberg, 33, of Texas, is missing after she fell overboard from a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico. The Coast Guard is searching for her.

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Clarissa McDaniel, a teacher at Llano High School in Texas, has been arrested on felony sexual assault charges in a case police say involves a student.

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Police obtained a search warrant for a blood-stained shirt the father-in-law of Texas church murder victim Missy Bevers dropped off at the dry cleaners.

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Jeremy Srinivasan, his wife, Natalie Altier Srinivasan, and their two young children were found dead in their Katy, Texas, home in a suspected murder-suicide.

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Terri “Missy” Bevers, a fitness instructor and mother of three, was killed in a Midlothian, Texas, church by a man wearing SWAT tactical gear, police say.

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Pastor Jordan Brown, of Austin, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against Whole Foods claiming a store employee wrote an anti-gay slur on a cake he ordered.

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Flooding in Houston is getting out of control, with cars destroyed, businesses closed, and water rescues everywhere. These are photos from people in the area.

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Dangerous flooding unfolded across Houston and Texas. These are videos from the region, including a driver barely escaping a flooded car.

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Joshua Kehm, a school police officer in San Antonio, Texas, is being investigated after a video surfaced showing him body slamming a girl onto concrete.

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An investigation is underway after a video was posted online showing a school police officer body slamming a middle school student onto concrete in San Antonio.

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Julia Price has been named as the United Airlines flight attendant who opened an emergency door and exited down a slide at an airport in Houston, Texas.

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Pablo Lucio Vasquez, known as the “Vampire Killer” has been executed in Texas. He killed David Cardenas, 12, in 1998, and drank his blood, he told police.

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