Maryland Election Ballot 2016: Candidates for Each Office

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Voters go to the polls on Tuesday. (Getty)

Who’s on the ballot in Maryland on November 8?

In addition to four candidates for president, voters will be able to choose a U.S. Senator and Congressperson. For Senate, a slate of candidates is vying to fill the seat vacated by longtime Democratic Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who retired.

Montgomery County voters will also be asked to decide whether they want term limits for City Council members.

President and Vice President of the United States

Donald Trump/Mike Pence (Republican)
Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine (Democratic)
Gary Johnson/Bill Weld (Libertarian)
Jill Stein/Ajamu Baraka (Green)

U.S. Senate

Democratic Chris Van Hollen
Republican Kathy Szeliga
Libertarian Arvin Vohra
Green Margaret Flowers

U.S. House

District 1
Libertarian Party Andy Harris
Democratic Party Joe Werner
Libertarian Party Matt Beers

District 2
Democratic Party Dutch Ruppersberger
Republican Party Pat McDonough
Libertarian Party Kristin Kasprzak

District 3
Democratic Party John Sarbanes
Republican Party Mark Plaster
Green Party Nnabu Eze
Democratic Party Ann Dalrymple (Write-in)

District 4
Democratic Party Anthony Brown
Republican Party George McDermott
Libertarian Party Benjamin Lee Krause
Green Party Kamesha Clark
Democratic Party Adrian Petrus (Write-in)

District 5
Democratic Party Steny Hoyer
Republican Party Mark Arness
Libertarian Party Jason Summers

District 6
Democratic Party John Delaney
Republican Party Amie Hoeber
Libertarian Party David Howser
Green Party George Gluck
Independent Ted Athey (Write-in)

District 7
Democratic Party Elijah Cummings
Republican Party Corrogan Vaughn
Green Party Myles Hoenig
Republican Party William T. Newton (Write-in)

District 8
Democratic Party Jamie Raskin
Republican Party Dan Cox
Libertarian Party Jasen Wunder
Green Party Nancy Wallace

Judges Facing Retention

Court of Appeals
■ Clayton Greene
■ Michele D. Hotten

Court of Special Appeals
■ Timothy Meredith
■ Patrick Woodward
■ Dan Friedman

Contested Local Judge Races

3rd Circuit, Baltimore County (2 open seats)
Kathleen Gallogly Cox (i)
Keith Truffer (i)
Leo Wayne Dymowski

5th Circuit, Anne Arundel County (4 open seats)
Claudia Barber
Glenn L. Klavans (i)
Stacy McCormack (i)
Donna Schaeffer (i)
Cathleen M. Vitale (i)

6th Circuit, Montgomery County (3 open seats)
John M. Maloney (i)
Karla N. Smith (i)
Harry Storm (i)

7th Circuit, Prince George’s County (4 open seats)
Herman C. Dawson (i)
April Ademiluyi
Dorothy Engel (i)
Karen H. Mason (i)
Ingrid Turner

8th Circuit, Baltimore City (6 open seats)
Shannon E. Avery (i)
Audrey J. S. Carrion (i)
Michael A. DiPietro (i)
Karen Friedman (i)
Wanda Keyes Heard (i)
Cynthia H. Jones (i)