VIDEOS: Berkeley March 4 Trump Rally Violence & Fights

Videos circulated on social media of fighting and other unrest at the Berkeley, California “March4Trump” rally on March 4.

Donald Trump opponents headed to the rally and clashed with Trump supporters. Punches were flown, firecrackers ignited, hats burned, and police made arrests.

The “March4Trump” rallies occurred throughout the country on March 4. Thousands of Donald Trump supporters gathered in states and cities – including in Berkeley – across the country to participate in #March4Trump rallies, also called #SpiritofAmerica Rallies. The March 4 Trump rallies were meant to give people a place to express their support for the president. You can read a roundup of the “March4Trump” rallies around the country here.

However, in Berkeley, things quickly started getting out of hand.

Videos and photos circulated on social media of fights and people being pepper sprayed. There was a report of an elderly man being pepper sprayed.

Photos circulated of bloody protesters.

People burned hats.

People set off firecrackers during the melee.

Police started making arrests.

Some people hid their faces.

One report said there were “scattered fights” throughout the area as Trump supporters and opponents mixed.

Here are more videos and photos from the scene:

You can read more about the March4Trump rallies throughout the United States here:




The liberal fascists are out beating people up, arson, threatening, intimidating, vandalism of homes and cars….
The leftist previous administration had weaponized the enforcement/executive agencies of the government and used them against the citizens and the elected officials.
Yes, it does seem like we are in 1930 Germany.
NSDAP, national socialist german workers party….aka the nazi party.

They are rising again….and that is never a good thing for humans.
It never ends well.


This is how it started in Europe. They help these poor refugees and now their country is destroyed by these filthy infidels.


They are allowed to create civil unrest because the mayor needs their vote. And most of these students are sponsored by donations given to the college ,but the sponsors that pick who they want to sponsor ; and if it, just so happens that, these students are coming out of countries with terrorist ties ! Oh well for America


Exactly. Now they want us to be taken over by the creeps. No job, no life losers.


All the anti trump numb skulls have is using foul language and chanting the same thing over and over….trying to intimidate and push buttons to get the violence going. Pukes.


That’s what they are…Nazis. Calling the Trump supporters all of those names is laughable. They are what they are calling us.


It is against the law to cover your face. The Lone Ranger requested to wear his mask in public and it was denied by the courts, for obvious reasons.


The truth of the matter, is that none of these people voted for HRC.

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