Donald Trump Speaks ‘Americanese’: All the Memes You Need to See


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They make jokes about it, but it’s frustrating that Congress asked the FBI Director questions containing FBI terminology, as “wiretap”, but they actually meant “surveillance”, and Trump used the term in the same manner, to mean “surveillance”, but that Comey answered the question regarding a specific kind of surveillance known as “wiretapping”, which does not include “eavesdropping”. It’s frustrating that our representatives are that stupid, because they’ve just wasted everyone’s time on this.

If we throw away our political partisanship, then we’ll be left with one conclusion – that no one has any clear answer to what did or did not transpire as a result of the Congressional hearing.


The facts of what we know are:
1. There was never any Trump-russia connection.
2. Someone in the obama administration has been committing felonies by passing out classified information to the media.

Oh, and the leftists cannot let go of #1 as it’s all they have to grasp.


Shut the hell up. Being able to regurgitate the same stupid shit you hear on Fox doesn’t make you knowledgeable, it makes you a dipshit. Move along peasant

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