Tres Peterson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

An Army reservist is accused of going on a domestic-violence relating shooting spree that killed three people and a family dog in Canton, Ohio.

Tres Peterson, 21, then shot and killed himself, bringing the death tally to four.

A man carrying a 3-year-old boy managed to survive the multiple shooting that killed Peterson’s estranged girlfriend and the child’s mother, Cheyenne Calderon, 20, Calderon’s mother and her mother’s friend.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Peterson Bought the Gun Just Minutes Before Carrying Out the Triple Shooting

Police said that Peterson legally purchased a P9SA 9mm handgun from a gun store in the Belden Village area about an hour before the homicides, according to

An Army reservist, he had no history of violence, so there were no red flags to stop the purchase before the murders, the newspaper reported.

On Facebook, Peterson posted on a page called “Tres Peterson fan club.” He left a message that was ominous in retrospect.

Peterson showed a fixation with Star Wars, including Darth Vader, on his Facebook page.

The page is filled with selfies of Peterson, and contains messages in which he refers to his “fans” and having “secret agent style.” In 2014, he wrote, referring to himself in third person: “Tres fun fact of the day. Tres enjoys nothing more than to just have a bag of chips and some juice and see some vigilante justice.”

That same year, he wrote a poem comparing life to a plastic bottle.

In 2015, he wrote, “I have officially become Spider-Mans Apprentice The Killer Spider.”

2. Peterson & Calderon Had Recently Broken Up

Calderon was Peterson’s fiancee, but the couple had broken up the previous week, reported Fox 8. On February 5, Calderon wrote on Peterson’s Facebook page, “Tres new fiancé!!! March 25!!! Can’t wait to be Mrs. Tres Peterson.”

Enraged, Peterson drove to the home he had shared with Calderon, and killed Calderon, her mother, her mother’s friend, and the family dog, according to Fox 8.

Kelly Freshour, 50; and Timothy Keyser, 70, were the other people killed in the shooting, according to Fox 8. They all died in a bedroom, and Peterson shot himself in the dining room, the station reported.

Keyser’s grandson wrote on Facebook, “This was my Grandfather and his girlfriend and even his girlfriends daughter. This was my family. I didn’t ever think something like this would happen. Rest In Peace Grandpa, Fly High ❤”

3. Peterson Is Accused of Chasing Calderon Into a Bedroom

NetsNet5 reported that Peterson chased his estranged girlfriend through the home before shooting her to death.

“Peterson entered the home through an unlocked door. Once inside, he shot and killed a dog that was in the kitchen. He then followed Calderon through the home, firing shots at her,” the television station reported.

4. Peterson Was Trying to Become an Active Duty Soldier & Calderon Described Herself as a ‘Full Time Mommy’

According to Newsnet5, Peterson was a member of the Army reserve.

He was “in the process of becoming an active duty soldier,” the television station reported, adding that 14 shots were fired in the massacre, and a second dog was discovered alive and hiding inside the home.

On Facebook, Calderon described herself as “Full Time Mommy” and listed her relationship status as single.

He’d had other issues with women:

Peterson was not the father of Calderon’s child.

5. A Man Staged a Daring Escape With Calderon’s Toddler Son

One man survived the massacre, and he managed to flee the residence with Calderon’s child.

He posted on Facebook about it later. He wrote:

This may be the hardest and scariest thing I have ever witnessed, I’m so sorry I couldn’t save you Cheyenne Calderon I saved your little boy tho! Cameron is safe I promise you that! You were an amazing person and a hands down amazing mother! I’m glad we spend the last 3 days together, you helped me when I was going through a hard time, and I was helping you get through a hard time as well, no one could ever ask for a better best friend than you! We love you Cheyenne! Fly high & Rest In Peace And to everyone effected, I’m so so so sorry for your loss! Please everyone pray for Cheyenne’s family they really really need them right now!

A GoFundMe site was established to help the child.

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