PHOTOS: Melania Trump Meets Queen Rania of Jordan

Flotus Meets a Queen

First Lady Melania Trump, wearing a distinctive green suit, met with Queen Rania of Jordan at the White House as part of Donald Trump's meeting with Jordanian King Abdullah II. In addition to meeting with their husbands at the White House, Melania Trump and Queen Rania toured a "girls-only charter school with Queen Rania of Jordan" with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, whose support of charter schools is controversial, reported Time Magazine. Donald Trump later tweeted the following, tagging King Abdullah II on Twitter: "I am deeply committed to preserving our strong relationship & to strengthening America's long-standing support for Jordan." Time Magazine reported that the choice of the school may indicate that Melania Trump is going to take an interest in women's and children's issues as First Lady. Although she mentioned an interest in combating cyber bullying when she was on the campaign trail, the FLOTUS has yet to specifically identify her issue of focus. According to CNN, the Queen and First Lady were greeted by students carrying bouquets of flowers for the school visit. CNN reported that Queen Rania did a lot of the talking: "The down-to-earth Queen engaged with the listening session participants frequently, asking a parent on the panel where she was from, and inquiring about the school's mission regarding building life skills," reported CNN. The New York Times reported the day was also dominated by serious matters, such as the chemical attack in Syria that has horrified the world. According to the newspaper, though, the school was chosen to highlight the Trump administration's continuing support for school choice and charter schools. (Getty)

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