POLL: How Does One Pronounce Trump’s ‘Covfefe’ Anyway?

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President Donald Trump has invented a new word: “covfefe.”

Well, no one thinks he invented it on purpose. Trump’s late-night usage of the word appears to be a spelling error/typo. Lots of people think he meant to say “coverage.”

Here’s what Trump wrote:

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe”

Here’s the actual tweet:

Hours later, Trump apparently woke up, finally deleted the tweet, and wrote this one instead:

He also wrote about the Paris Accord, witch hunts, Kathy Griffin, and, for good measure, James Comey.

There were many odd aspects to the tweet, which was posted to the president’s Twitter page shortly after midnight on May 31. It doesn’t have end punctuation. It appears to be a partial thought that just ends abruptly. What happened? Did Trump fall asleep? Did he get interrupted by something? (In all fairness, maybe it was something serious. After all, he’s the Leader of the Free World.)

It’s true that there was an awful blast in Kabul, and news broke right in the midst of the covfefe kerfuffle (try saying that fast). According to BBC, a “huge explosion has hit the Afghan capital, Kabul, close to foreign embassies and the presidential palace.”

The reason the tweet abruptly ended and wasn’t fixed was unclear, though. How was it that the tweet remained up for more than an hour on the president’s site after it appeared and was mocked by thousands?

Of course, there was another question flying around Twitter:

How the heck does one pronounce covfefe anyway? Take the poll at the end of this post.

Here’s one guy’s theory:

Or is it pronounced more like “coven”?

Or coffee?

Yeah, we get it. It’s not a word. There are more important things in the world. Like North Korea. And Kabul.

It’s just a typo. Google suggests that you meant to google the word “coffee” when you google the word covfefe. If you google the words “Trump covfefe,” Google suggests you might want to check out “Select by Trump Tower Coffee Single-Cup Coffee for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, 12 Count” on Amazon.

The person who runs Merriam-Webster’s Twitter page woke up to see what all the hubbub was over, posted this, and then went back to sleep:

Memes were created. Jokes flew. Trump was mocked.

And, yet, there the covfefe tweet remained.

Of course, the gaffe occurred the same day that Trump’s Communication Director, Mike Dubke, parted ways with the administration. Coincidence? Who knows.

Trump is notorious for spelling errors and typos, and his use of Twitter is legendary.

Take the poll.

How should the world pronounce “covfefe”?

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