WATCH: Chris Christie Catches Foul Ball, Booed Heavily by Mets Fans

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was heavily booed after he caught a foul ball at a New York Mets game Tuesday.

Christie, dressed in a suit, was minding his own business at Citi Field in Queensk, taking in the game when opportunity suddenly struck.

The Mets were playing the St. Louis Cardinals, and Christie, along with a few others, were in attendance sitting behind home plate in about the third row.

Cardinals third baseman Paul DeJong was at the plate in the third inning when he fouled off a ball into the air, and it headed right in Christie’s direction.

Still in his seat, Christie reached backward with his left hand and snagged the ball. With it in his hand, he turned around and handed the souvenir to a young Mets fan.

Watch a video of the incident at the top of the page.

Even with the miraculous catch, the Mets faithful in attendance weren’t having it.

Initial cheers for the impressive catch Christie just made turned into a loud chorus of boos once fans noticed it was Christie who caught the ball.

“Nice to see him get from the beach to the ball park,” Cardinals play-by-play TV man Dan McLaughlin said in reference to a photo that went viral of Christie and his family relaxing on a closed beach.

That recent incident may have played a role in the Mets fans’ reaction.

Christie was shown in aerial photos spread out on a beach chair over the July 4 weekend on the beach of Island Beach State Park. The thing was, the beach had been closed during the holiday weekend because of a state government shutdown.

The move didn’t sit well with many New Jersey taxpayers, who were turned away by police as they arrived at the park’s main entrance. The internet also had some fun with it, crafting some memes.

Just one day prior to Christie snagging the foul ball, a report came out saying that Christie “fell completely out of Donald Trump‘s favor” when he arranged to have President Barack Obama call the newly-elected president on his personal cell phone after he was elected to congratulate him. In the book, titled Devil’s Bargain and written by Joshua Green, Green says Trump went off on Christie, saying “I don’t want your f***ing phone.”

Green said that Trump is a germaphone and was “disgusted” by having Christie’s phone close to his face.