WATCH: Man Jumps Onto Train During Police Car Chase, Gets Away

A man in West Charlotte jumped on a moving train after he ditched his car during a police chase.

A man fleeing police in west Charlotte jumped out of a stolen vehicle and onto a moving train during a pursuit on Wednesday.

The man, driving a black Honda, had been fleeing through residential streets and parking lots and weaving in an out of traffic to get away from police. Suddenly, he approaches train tracks where a train is moving and blocking traffic.

The unidentified man ditches his car, with two passengers still inside, and hatches an impromptu plan to run alongside the train and eventually hop onto one of the cars. At one point, the man spreads his legs and holds on for dear life to avoid falling off.

Eventually, workers on the train notice the suspect holding on and it comes to a stop. But the chase didn’t end there. Instead, the man hops off and continues fleeing into nearby woods, where police are still on the hunt for him.

Watch a video of the moment the man jumped onto the train below:

The pursuit started during the afternoon northbound on 1-85. WSOC-TV’s Copper 9 Skyzoom flew over the chase for well over an hour and caught the incredible footage. The reason for the police pursuing the suspect hasn’t yet been disclosed by authorities.

There were three people in the vehicle while it was fleeing police, and two of them were arrested. Police are still searching for the third suspect, the one who leaped onto the train and then disappeared into the woods.

A large presence of police have been seen walking in the woods and on the train tracks with dogs in an effort to locate the man.

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1 Comment


Three stereotypes proven in one video….they run fast, they jump good and they’re usually criminals!

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