WATCH: Video Shows Former Taco Bell Employee on Rampage in Converse, Texas

A former Taco Bell employee is seen in a video going on a rampage, throwing tea and arguing with her old boss, in a video posted to Twitter last week. The incident at the Converse, Texas, restaurant got so heated that the manager takes off his shirt and tells his former employees son that he would fight him, KSAT-TV reports.

The woman, named only as Margarita, returned to the Taco Bell to pick up her last check after she was fired, and a 6-minute confrontation began as shocked customers filmed the incident on cell phones. You can watch the footage above.

It was originally posted to Twitter, though the person who posted it says he did not record it and found it on Facebook, but it has since been deleted. You can watch the video in three parts below:

It is not clear if anyone was charged. Co An employee of the Taco Bell, located at 8630 West Farm to Market Road 78 in Converse, told the news station the incident did happen there, but did not provide any other information about when it happened.


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