Tesla Model 3 Event LIVE STREAM: Watch the Launch Party Online Here

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Tesla is finally having its Part 3 reveal of the Tesla Model 3 tonight, when its first 30 production vehicles are given to early buyers who put down deposits, including employees. You can watch an unofficial live stream above from Twitch or see the official link and other live streams below. (One of the live streams below is being filmed by someone in the audience.) Today we will see the first 30 Model 3 production models, and we’ll finally get a lot of questions answered, such as what the interior will look like, what type of range the Model 3 will have, and more.

Tonight’s live stream will be shown on Tesla.com’s official stream here or check out the videos below from people attending. The event will live stream will start at 8:45 p.m. Pacific, which is 11:45 p.m. Eastern. The event itself will then start 15 minutes later. (See photos of the Model 3 from the event here.)

When you click on the link, you’ll be taken to a page to “sign up to watch and reserve.” You don’t have to fill anything out to watch the live stream. The video will start in the black box to the right at 8:45 p.m. PST.

But additional avenues for watching the live stream may also be available, and we will add those below as the day progresses.

This video, below, has already started but is slightly behind the official Tesla stream:

Tesla Model 3 Unveil PART 2 – Live Stream – 28th July 2017=== EDITED VERSION, WITH FIRST HANDOVERS === NEW: youtu.be/lhOYqRQVUzI === Sorry the lag (source overloaded), see edited and High Quality version above.. This video ends at 35 minutes. The following images occurred because of live streaming. Ignore it, please. MODEL 3, THE MOST IMPORTANT VEHICLE OF THE CENTURY! Elon Musk presents Tesla Model 3 Unveil…2017-07-29T05:32:35.000Z

And here’s another video from an audience member. It’s just slightly ahead of the official Tesla stream:

model 3 event live Main Stagemodel 3 event live Main Stage 14:12 : Project Loveday videos 22:31 : Countdown 27:00 : Safety video Tesla Model 3 vs Volvo S60 33:35 : Standard / Long range Model 3 price 1:39:20 : Inside of the Tesla Model 3 1:44:21 : Marques Brownlee with a famous owner of a Tesla YouTuber. See Model…2017-07-29T06:16:35.000Z

And here’s a live stream from the Model 3 Owners Club:

Model 3 Delivery event live streamOur Patreon page: patreon.com/model3ownersclub Shop for Model 3 Shirts: model3ownersclub.com/shop Our Gear: SONY FDR-AX33 4K camcorder Zoom H6 Audio recorder Apple Final Cut Pro X NOTE: Federal law allow citizens to reproduce, distribute , or exhibit portions of copyrighted material. This is called fair use and is allowed for the purpose of criticism, news reporting,…2017-07-29T04:26:13.000Z

Tesla fans and customers got excited earlier today, because it looks like some information changed on customers’ “My Tesla” page, including the addition of a manage button.

This is the company’s most affordable car yet. It’s an electric car with self-driving hardware, a range of at least 215 miles, and a starting price of $35,000. More longer-range batteries will likely also be available, for an extra cost.

In the first unveiling in 2016, Musk said that the Model 3s will come with a Supercharger charging network, but he recently shared that a rumored solar roof wasn’t happening.

Fans and customers are waiting for a lot of news about the car’s specs, including:

  • Battery packs and ranges – We’ve heard rumors that the Model 3 will have two battery sizes.
  • Configurations – Musk has said that the configurations for the Model 3 will be simple, likely just color and wheel options. But when will the configurator be live?
  • Autopilot – Musk has said full autonomous cars won’t be available until early 2019. So what will the options be for the Model 3?
  • Interior – No one knows what the interior looks like yet — at least not for certain. Musk has said it will be “minimalist.” We should get the big reveal tonight.

So far, we know a little bit about what to expect. Here’s the first production model in black:

And here’s another photo:


If you want to kill some time before the event starts, watch a Tesla pre-event video below:

VideoVideo related to tesla model 3 event live stream: watch the launch party online here2017-07-28T16:59:01-04:00

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