Funny Photos & Videos From Florida Residents Who Didn’t Evacuate For Hurricane Irma

Some Floridians who chose to ignore the mandatory evacuation orders that were issued for a third of the state are proudly proving that some of the stereotypes about their state—in particular, a love of guns and nonchalance toward hurricanes—are true.

Officials have urged those in evacuation zones to leave their homes and seek safety in designated shelters as storm surges of up to 15 feet threaten coastal areas.

The sheriff of Pasco County, Florida, is apparently struggling with a particularly ornery constituency, tweeting to residents asking them not to shoot guns at Hurricane Irma as it approaches the area (because “bullets come back”) and not to ride in open truck beds during gale-force winds.

Some residents are braving severe weather conditions in order to capture incredible footage of the hurricane’s strong winds and storm surges.

Others are braving the storm in the name of science.

Some Floridians have taken the joke to the streets, leaving behind humorous messages graffitied on storm shutters and plywood boards:

Other Florida residents have struck back against the joke videos and memes, reminding the public that Irma is a dangerous storm and some may lose their homes, if not their lives, to the hurricane.