Gas ‘Shortage’: Best Memes & Tweets from Texas

GettyLocal residents line up at the H-E-B gas station in Austin, Texas on August 31, 2017. Panicked fueling is also fueling memes.

Panicked drivers in Texas may have caused a temporary gas shortage after Hurricane Harvey left devastation in many parts of the state. Although there’s not a technical gas shortage, many drivers have been fueling up in a panicked frenzy, worried that gas stations are going to run out. This has actually led to some gas stations temporarily running out, since they can’t refuel as quickly right now, and incredibly long lines backing up traffic for miles in some areas.

Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton told WFAA that some of the temporary shortages are because consumers are putting extra demand on fuel and some gas stations are having a tough time keeping up with the demand. He told WFAA:

There’s plenty of gasoline. This will subside.”

So now memes and tweets are being shared across social media, urging drivers not to fill up on gas unless they actually need to.

Here are some of the best memes, tweets, and reactions online about the gas “shortage.”

Some people are getting pretty frustrated about everyone who’s still panicking. But in truth, some Texans are just worried they won’t have enough gas to go on their Labor Day vacations.

And other have had to resort to biking to work, even if that meant biking down a busy and not-so-bicycle-friendly highway.

And electric car owners aren’t wasting their opportunity to brag.

And some people aren’t too happy about people in Lubbock joining in on the panic.

But this meme might be a particular favorite:

Read more about the gas “shortage” here:

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