Houston Residents Who Met President Trump During Visit Call Him ‘Kind, Assuring’

U.S. President Donald Trump hands out emergency supplies to residents impacted by Hurricane Harvey while visiting the First Church of Pearland September 2, 2017 in Pearland, Texas. Pearland, just south of Houston, was heavily damaged by the floodwaters created by the hurricane. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

On his trip to the Hurricane Harvey-ravaged Houston, President Donald Trump interacted with a number of local residents. Several expressed a favorable view of him after getting to know him up close, according to Elex Michaelson of ABC affiliate ABC7 in Los Angeles.

Michaelson posted the tweet below on Saturday afternoon and replied to several Twitter users who did not appreciate the praise towards Trump, who has been criticized over his policies towards minorities, Muslims and transgendered Americans serving in the military.


In a video posted to Michaelson’s Facebook, Houston residents Shanna Miles and Likisha Collins, both African-American women pictured in the selfie with Trump, share their newfound appreciation for the president. “I had a different opinion of him, now I think he’s a wonderful man,” Collins said. Miles added, “he’s a really cool dude when you get to meet him.”

Trump picked up, hugged and kissed several children during his surprise visit to Houston, which can be seen in the video below. He was expected to be back in south Texas on Wednesday.

Several Twitter users did take exception to the favorable portrayal of Trump, with one, @CHEELAY, calling out Michaelson and the “ridiculous photo op of woefully uninformed citizens.”

Michaelson defended his reporting, suggesting he also included the voices of “opposition” in the story. He was then criticized by Trump supporter Rhonda Mokersi and accused of “pandering to the opposition” by Twitter user @LillyAmerica1.

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